Pay attention to youth matters or a revolution will catch up with you

Pay attention to youth matters or a revolution will catch up with you

Pay attention to youth matters or a revolution will catch up with you

Change should not be a famous but an action word. Where is the Mohammed Ali; the all time mpekuzi, the man who fearlessly used his profession to single-handedly defend the masses against ill actions by the mighty and government.

What killed Ali’s courage that we all admired? What ate his ideologies and heart of service at the time Kenya needed him most?

Fellow Kenyans, we learnt to import maize instead of encouraging our farmers to produce more. When a Kenyan, Oscar Kambona came on board and introduced to Kenya a machine that could help harvest water hyacinth, the government instead of investing on this invention went ahead to procure one from China.

Kenya become a dumping site for the used clothing all over the word while we have a black cotton soil which was once the source of raw material for the local genery. Those vast plantation remain useless and bare. Should we still sit and watch?

A country training engineers who can’t construct any road or bridge on their own country and lawyers who can’t defend their own government, I mean a government that must just go out to the European countries to get a lawyer to defend her course.

Why should I be silent when the government has forgotten about innovation as the ultimate employer? Many youths have become beggers years after completion of their education. It is absurd that, instead of funding innovation, all we fund is more salaries for salaried members of parliament.

A country where social media is simply used for propaganda and politics instead of a platform for sharing innovative ideologies and benchmarking.

Why should we be happy in country where a shoe worth ksh4000 attract a tax of ksh501 yet we talk of business. I believe we are being over-taxed and don’t see the value of it anyway.

We talk of a country with the most failed health care system. Having sick people begging on city streets and some on the mercies of fundraising while our leaders fly and die far away in the whitemen arms. Surely are we still on that right track?

We are in a country where every legislation is towards political activities , we are either talking of IEBC, parliamentary system of governmentance or the Huduma number bill yet we forget the orphans and the fate of the innovative Kenyan youths.

It is right about time. Our leaders need to attend to the cries and needs of us youths or a revolution is coming.


Derrick Ouko

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