Why campus boys keep playing their campus girlfriends

Why campus boys keep playing their campus girlfriends

Why campus boys keep playing their campus girlfriends

University is said to be the hot-bed of relationships. Immediately boys and girls qualify to join university, the first thought that crosses their mind is “how to be a hoe in campus”. You can differ with me in this but it’s a matter of fact.

When we were all in high school, our teachers used to advise us not to seduce our fellow school girls and wait for that golden opportunity in campus. So every one of us is now coming to university, well braced to play those girls like some ball game. Girls themselves, are ready for the new encounter they are about to face. This is the origin of the common phrase among third year campus boys, “vitu fresh zimeadmittiwa”. And this means hunting for these fresh things. From this hunting is where we get cheaters and fisi’s.

I looked into this issue in depth to see what causes these risen cases of cheating in relationships in campus. Some of the simple but complex reasons are as stated below. The factors may not necessarily apply to everyone in campus but it at least applies to someone.

Campus boys cheat because they want to fully explore the relationship opportunity they were told about when in high school

Like I stated earlier, every one of us was told not to stress too much about relationships in high school. Our teachers promised us heaven for relationships in university. Now we’ve come to university with that mind-set of getting into quick relationships. Boys and girls are falling in love without fully understanding each other’s character. You know how long such relationships last? Just long until the forbidden fruit is eaten then the guy goes ahead to explore somewhere else.

Campus boys lust for the “indecent” campus ladies

This sounds lame but you’ve got to bear with me. In campus is you find ladies with all those body goals you’ve always admired and lusted for. Now imagine a situation where you find this lady that you think is the perfect type you’ve been looking for but then, you pass by somewhere and find someone else who you think is better that the first girl you met. After lusting for her enough you decide to make advancement, and in favour of you, she accepts you for a boyfriend. What would you do knowing that you’ve got two women in your circle? You just play your cards well, right?

Campus ladies are a mystery, boys play them for back-ups in case one fails

Having many girlfriends is a back-up plan for campus boys. Most of them say campus ladies are unpredictable. She can be in love with you today and the next day she is not yours. She can fall in love with you today and fall out of love with you tomorrow. So this has basically posed and challenge to the common boy-child to rethink of his relationship survival tactic. And the most convenient one for him in this case is having more than one girlfriend. When you talk to some of these comrades they will tell you it has worked. But some of them actually see this as an added burden.

There is need for “vitu fresh”

If you’ve been to any university in Kenya, I am sure you have heard of this famous phrase, “vitu fresh”. “Vitu fresh” is slang used to mean newly admitted comrades. When boys join university, they usually have no say before their seniors, 2nd and 3rd years. First year ladies are meant for these 2nd and 3rd years. Now fresh things comes in here to mean that these group of comrades are tired of being in relationship with 3rd year ladies and that they their preference is on 1st year ladies now. So the trend in university shows that a lot of relationships end when first years are admitted to the university.

Hoeing for campus boys is kind of natural

Men, according to my day to day observations, are naturally polygamous. Campus boys are not exclusive, so there is that urge for polygamy.

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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