When the sun comes up, remember to smile

When the sun comes up, remember to smile

When the sun comes up, remember to smile

Ever realized that wherever someone is, there’s a sun? It’s supposed to be the Sun. I’ve begun to realize why the world is as it is. History cannot be changed, but it can tell us of the future.

I look up and I see the sun, I’m sure if billions looked up during the day, they too would see the sun. Later during the night, they would see the stars.

This has been made possible by the brilliant design that is our world. A world that’s round meaning that literally, whatever goes around…?

So how old is the sun? Well, to be honest, I’m not sure. What I can tell you is, the sun is much older than the earth.

I believe that everything in the universe is alive. I believe that to think otherwise is naive. I believe that the sun offered the universe something that she couldn’t resist, WARMTH!

Drawn were earth and the other planets; some got too close and couldn’t handle the heat, others were too far back and so they froze. Earth was spared, not only because she was well positioned, but also because she had an ace up her sleeve.

She goes around the sun, the moon is head over heels and so he goes around her, all this while, she dances to no tune around her axis and more importantly, she is a melon, by that I mean that she has curves on her horizon.

Like everything around, there’s a center, there’s a beating heart, and at the heart of the earth is the core. Steaming, hot, molten lava, well at least to us it’s hot, but to her, its warmth.

I admire her for her wit and courage. I respect her for her choices. I look up to her for wisdom, both hers and the sun. Being sufficiently “warm” enough while others are burning for getting too much, while others freeze for getting too little, is no small fit.

My dearest friends do not look for warmth from the sun; instead find that which is at the core. I, admittedly, am slowly unearthing my center, my core.

So when the sun comes up… and it’s sunny, remember to smile, remember that mother nature will always be with you, remember that she will be with us all.

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