What happens when love fails?| thecampusmagazine.com

What happens when love fails?| thecampusmagazine.com

They say love is the most pure of all poisons.How true is this statement? What turns something that was so sweet to be so sour and dangerous? What makes one hate the person that they personally has maimed to love and die for?

What turns that one person who used to be your best friend, soul mate lover into an enemy to one that you can’t even afford to look at.

What turns something so sweet into bitterness and hate.

What turns something you can die for into something you would kill just to find satisfaction?

See ,love is one bitter sweet feeling that should be approached with so much care.We for so many years have entered into relationships and marriages with the wrong mentality, setting expectation ,bars too high for our partners to even meet.

When i was growing up in the village,love was pure and simple, nothing futher than what the heart felt,we got into relationships with no expectations at all, other than that of being loved and loving back equally, and when things didn’t work out we walked away dissapointed but full of lessons.

See, things don’t have to last forever as a prerequisite to them being worthwhile.

Love is difficult. Love involves two people with their own sets of desires, priorities and baggage. No one should feel bad that the default setting of competing egos isn’t in harmony because anything worth your blood/sweat/tears isn’t defined by whether you happen to be good at it but how you handle it as it comes to an end.

Remember Love isn’t a pass/fail, it’s an A for effort.In order to believe that love can fail you have to believe that failure is bad enough outcome to compensate for the good stuff love brought you.

Failure isn’t that bad, really. You tried something and it didn’t work out, nothing is a more human experience than that. Usually failure feels like a sign of relief because the opposite of failure is inaction. And then, you might as well be dead. Failure is an answer to a question you had the courage to ask.

Failure is the answer to the courage you had to walk away from an abusive relationship,it is the answer the endless tears you have cried over the years for someone who never cared how it felt to be in pain.

Failure is a reminder that you are not human that you make mistakes and you can still pick up and change your fate.

Failure is a reminder that your heart is not made of stone but flesh and you are bound to be heartbroken, hurt and destroyed.

See there is no point in killing one another over broken relationships there is always another day to try again with a different person until you find the right one meant for you.Be safe and keep off violent relationships.


Kelvin Maina

Kelvin Maina is a second year student in Maseno pursuing medical science with IT. He's engrossed in writing articles and poems, a politician in making, human activist, philanthropist and a game changer.

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