We are guilty as charged| thecampusmagazine.com

We are guilty as charged| thecampusmagazine.com

“I am not ready to be a father! I’m not ready to settle!” but you were sweating on top of her like Lukaku in the seventy tuth minute of Arsenal – Man U game. The result is innocent ladies being condemned and classified under careless societal misfits. We walk around bragging while our kids suffer outside there.

We spend sleepless nights running after “tight” pussies as we leave behind those we have been enlarging. I am guilty, bro you are guilty. Let’s rethink our ways and walk right. If you get a loving lady with a kid, love her with her kid as long as she harbors NO INTENTIONS of going back to the heart breaker.

Finally, if you know you have no plans to live with her:

1. Don’t turn her genitalia your WAR ROOM.

2. Don’t make promises of long term relationship.

3. Do not be overprotective, jealously spying any man around them.

The truth is:

1. Ladies with kids are life savers not those bleached murderers you keep chasing.

2. Ladies with kids have impeccable exhibit that they are fertile not those imposters who swallow e-pills like ground nuts.

3. Ladies with kids deserve our unbiased respect and above all, unconditional love.

We are all guilty as men.

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Kelvin Maina

Kelvin Maina is a second year student in Maseno pursuing medical science with IT. He's engrossed in writing articles and poems, a politician in making, human activist, philanthropist and a game changer.

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