The terrifying pressure after campus|

The terrifying pressure after campus|

Clearing campus sounds cool, right? Imagine rubbing off the pressure of reading for exams, being free from lectures , not being due to submission of an assignment or a project ’cause apparently you don’t have to worry anymore. You already have the degree that took you to varsity. What else?

It’s not invariably guaranteed that you’ll get a job since you have a degree. It’s neither guaranteed that you’ll be a doctor because you took a course in medicine. We have seen law students becoming criminals and aeronautical students becoming matatu drivers.
I am not trying to discourage a soul, but how prepared are you?

The life in campus prepares one for the real world. It’s the phase where your folks expect you to grow up and THINK.

It’s quite easy and smooth on the lady’s side than on the man’s side. A man is entitled to a brim-full responsibilities after varsity whereas the lady can just sit and wait to be a second housewife of a rich man (optional).

After campus, your dad will expect you to go ‘hunt’ for what is yours in the jungle. He won’t anticipate your lazy bones to get glued on the couch netflixing and chilling. Even though he won’t compel you verbally to go and grind, his actions will just place you in your expected lane.

He will stop giving you money for credit (like he used to), fare to meet up with friends and little dough to buy yourself some shoes. At this point you will just realize that you need to hustle.

Your mom on the other flip will commence talking about how she will be crashing in your house to confirm if it’s clean. She even advices you on how to spend your money when you start earning and how you should budget wisely. The point she is trying to draw is, “you should be planning on moving outta my house, son.”

Well, after campus you should just be ready to encounter questions such as, “na haujawahi tuletea msichana hapa, unakuanga na girlfriend kweli?” Here, your folks are just confirming if their son is really straight and ready for marriage. Yes, they want grandchildren already.

It’s just funny how our parents go smooth on us when inquiring for a crucial information.

The pressure is too much!

Growing up (being an adult) is somewhat a trap. You will tarmac for a job you never studied for, get a spouse that stresses you your entire lifetime, get bills to settle every month, school fees awaiting and other incorporated expenses. What a life!


Ian Elroy Ogonji

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