The legend of the Northern Kenya.

The legend of the Northern Kenya.

In Northern part of Kenya, we live under the hostility of the hot sun,the salty water,the dusty streets and the prolonged drought. As termed by many,’Life there is not favourable for human life’. I beg to differ! You have no idea what Northern part of Kenya is like. Perhaps those are opinions from those who thought they know all about this Northern Kenya.

In the North, lives an old man named Adano. I met Adano shortly before I was enrolled into nursery school in the year two thousand and four. He is said to be about sixty five years old. Adano has been running his kiosk he had built  forty years ago. This kiosk is located along the street of Kalacha location. People say Adano is married but I have no ideas who he is married to and where she is. His hard work, commitment and love for everyone inspired me so much that I felt I should share this with you.

This old man use to sell foodstuffs, items like steel wool and detergent for home use and snacks. Adano wakes up very early,before the cock crow,to go to his kiosks. He arranges his items neatly,brushes off all the dust that had landed on them overnight,spills water for the dust to stick ,turns on his radio and waits for his customers wearing a smile on his face. Everyone around and far come to his kiosk. You will never see them leave without a smile on their faces.

Despite the fact that life is not smooth as everyone wish,there is no one time you see him wear a gloomy face. He often cooks for himself in his kiosk. He leaves the shop when everyone has gone back to their homes and gets to his work when people are still asleep,may be the reason why i did not know where he lived. Since it is so hard for one to afford a smile on ones own face,putting a smile on someone else’s face is expensive. Nonetheless,this old man’s smile is so contagious. May be God sent him to Kalacha for the purpose of inspiring people like me.

His hard work has gotten him out of where he was. He has improved in every aspect of life. Today,Adano owns The Oak Estate in Karen,fourteen stores in Eastleigh and twelve containers. His kiosk is still there although is run by his cousin, who owns totally different personality. In life ,we meet people at different levels for various reasons,some known and others unknown. Put a smile on someone’s face like this legend.

You only live once!



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    Truely remarkable story. Nice article

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    Adano is very entrepreneurial. His hard work and persistence should serve as a great lesson to the people of Northern Kenya. No matter where one is everything can still roll out and work. Look at what he’s achieved; so much.

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