The Internet and entrepreneurial growth |the campus magazine

The Internet and entrepreneurial growth |the campus magazine

At least 99% of our young generation have access to the internet through their smartphones, personal computers or public computer access joints commonly known as ‘cybers.’ Prime question is, of what use do we put this internet availability to? Personally I use over 1GB data a day surfing the net; but is what we surf worth of the expenses?

If we were in the 19th or 20th century, I would have talked about business workforce and taskforce to ensure high profit returns. But the world is changing and we’re now dealing with a completely new approach to everything we do.

The common Kenyan youth has always been told to create their own jobs, but no one is taking time to show them exactly how. Well, did you know that the internet is your next big breakthrough in the business world just if handled properly?

I know you may now be thinking of sites like GIF, AIM GLOBAL, JAMALIFE etc. but that’s not my actual point. I will address business promotion through the internet in a different approach from the usually common pyramid scheme.

Our case study will be the Mobile Journalism website created by Moi University School of Information Sciences students. They have seen a lot of better thriving journalism sites but they also came up with theirs. It’s not like they didn’t see the competition, no they did; it’s because they saw an internet loop hole to creating a unique a way of telling their own stories.

What exactly am I trying to say? You can work from one corner of your room and still grow a big company. It just depends on how unique the content, product or service you generate is. All the market sectors are competitive, why not learn and be better than the rest? You can never be the best in this world of business, you can only get better each day. Wake up and learn how best the internet sites like shopify can help you grow your world and own it up.

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