The chronicles of a campus girl; fitting in

The chronicles of a campus girl; fitting in

The chronicles of a campus girl; fitting in

Dear diary

Now, I know I said would change how I start this but, really I can’t let’s admit, that phrase kind of just pulls you in. Like in the Vampire Diaries when Elena Gilbert starts her journal with that, okay why am I using that example, I bet you’ve watched the series, so you know what I’m talking about.

Come on I know you have.

The only difference is that this is campus and not high school like in the series, why am I still talking about the Vampire Diaries?

It’s been two weeks since I was admitted to campus. Much hasn’t changed on my side, a matter of fact nothing, I’m still wearing my Ankara dresses and skirt suits, and yes I know, people still give me the weird looks.

I don’t care though, I came here for one mission and that is acquiring my first class honours and walk out of this university a happy soul.

Before I joined University, I was told by those who have been through it that it’s more like staying home, you know what I mean you don’t have to get up early and go for classes, you can miss classes when you feel like it and most of the time lecturers just give out handouts and you do the studying on your own. They said it would be fun

Woe to them who lied to me. I wake up early in the morning because I have a class as early as seven in the morning, I have never missed any class because apparently there’s always a class attendance list that I’m supposed to sign and no we haven’t been given any handouts for the two weeks that I’ve been attending classes. They all lied. Come to think of it, those people who told me those lies have never stepped a foot in campus, I guess I’m the fool here.

Any friends yet?

Yes, my roommate and I have one classmate. They are both weird. So my roomy (that’s what she calls it) is a second-year and we didn’t quite have a conversation until a week later when she brought her friend in the room who kept saying I look naive and she defended me. So that’s how we became friends, she said she would teach me how to fit in with campus life.

Don’t give me that look, I don’t know what she meant by that, so we go for supper together, she took me to a place I can find good food at a cheaper price so yea we are good.

My classmate? Well this was in my second class, she came in late looking like she didn’t get any sleep, all the seats were occupied except the one next to me, I kind of sit alone so she sat there and let me just say she kept chewing gum, murmuring complaints and was on her phone the whole session, a very expensive phone just to note. I know she’s not the type of people I’d a jeep as friends but she said she needed someone like me in her life someone who doesn’t miss classes.

So yea, I’m trying to fit in.



Purity Khandasi

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