The Campus series of love stories. Episode 9.

The Campus series of love stories. Episode 9.

I now will hold onto you
forever, for in you
I found love.

“I pressed send and when i was sure to have sent the message, I got to my heels and headed for our house…”

I pulled my hand off Princess’ trousers and readily reached for my college bag. I turned back to her and she had positioned her face for a peck before I left. I gave her a brief kiss on her cheek, moved my head towards her ears and whispered goodbye.
“Goodbye Princess and take care. Drive safely.” I said.
“Goodbye Hymn my love. I will miss whatever we have had for today. I will miss the whole of you Hymn but, don’t worry for we shall always be together. We are united never to be seperated. Hoping you have no conflucting idea on that.” She said softly.
“I got none Princess and besides, I had fallen for you before you did for me. I would rather second your statement than conflict it. Now start the engine so you cannot get home late. Journey safely.” I said to Princess.
“Well, take care Hymn. Hope you don’t allow anyone to joke around with us-our belongings.” She said this smiling as she started the engine and waved goodbye.
I stood there undecided for a couple of minutes until I saw Princess’ BMW take a corner ahead and I wouldnt see it any more.
I entered my pockets and searched to ensure that the bundle and the card Princess had given me were safe. I reached for the card first and brought it to my viscinity. I read Princess’ phone number digit by digit as I pressed them on my phone. I saved it then sent her a text message immediately.
   “It was a pleasure meeting you Princess.
   I have enjoyed your company all through
   the hours we spent together.Given a chance,
   I would multiply those hours by ten so that we
   could have some more time together.
   I love you and love is all I got for you.
   I would really love to spend my whole
   lifetime by you. I love you my Princess.”
I pressed send and when I was sure of having delivered the message, I got to my heels and headed for home. I opened the gate and surprisingly got my elder sister standing by the gate, dressed and ready to leave for the market. She had seen me alight from Princess’ car. I couldn’t tell if she had also seen us embrace in Princess’ car. I didn’t know for how long she had been standing there.
I hurried past her so that she wouldn’t as me very many questions.
“She is really beautiful. I hope her character would be a reflection of that beauty.” She said in her bid to slow me down.
I wouldn’t respond a thing as my mind was ringing a poem I would write to impress Princess the more.
I just headed right to my room where I pulled a piece of paper and a pen, put my words right then started writing:
I am home today and I cant think normally
I am sick thinking of the time we spent together today
I am burning of a fire that we both lit in each others’ hearts
I am avoiding thinking of the feeling you gave me
That feeling when I tasted your lips
How I felt when you accepted and said you loved me
I would say it felt like magic but, no, it wasn’t.

I loved the whole you immediately you came to sight
The shape of your body completed it all
Your wasp-waist ;  I wouldn’t stop imagining of grabbing it all
Your thighs that must have been carved during the broad daylight
Such a beauty !  I wouldn’t mind spending my whole lifetime waiting.

I now am deeply gratified
For I got that which my heart intended to find
I found love right where my heart directed me
And now I will hold on to you forever.
Love, Princess.

After I was done writing this, I…
Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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