The campus series of love stories. Episode 5

The campus series of love stories. Episode 5

Do something Hymn please,
a real fire is burning
within me.

So she was asking me to go to her place, spend a night there and have some ‘nice time nice time together’.
“And where do you reside Princess?” I asked, still confused and not knowing whether to say yes or no to her request.
“Well, my dad happened to be to Kenya some time back and he bought some apartment in Runda. Its where I operate from and besides I am staying all alone. You got nothing to worry about. She said all alone so that she would influence me into going easy on her and I agree with her for us to proceed there.”

Should I accept her offer or decline? This was a very hard decision for me to make. Although, the fact was that, would I allow my body and feelings to speak, we would be on our way to her place. I had to involve my mind in this. I was just a day old in campus. I was too fresh for sleepovers. My mixed reaction would be read on my face. Something from inside was pushing me to say yes and another was pushing me to say no.

Back at the village I had heard stories about the city and all the evils that were going on in it. I had been told hundreds of stories regarding kidnapping, rape, drugging and theft. Was this lady trying to lure me with her goodies so that I could fall into her trap? Was this one of the techniques the tricksters of this city used? How would she be so simple and easy that she reacted so quickly and easily to whatever we had done? Was after something from me? And besides I had nothing that she would rob me then if it was a trick. I said a silent prayer before I made upon whatever decision I was going to make. “Help me to be wise dear Lord, Amen.” After this prayer I had my mind made up. I was not going to Princess place. I just found it wise to decline her request.

“No Princess, I cant go to your place today please. I must get home today and get there early. You know I got no one informed that I was not gonna spend a night at home today and now if I do this, it will ruin my reputation back at home. I am sorry but I cant”. I said these words with the firmness and stress it required until I made sure she internalized them all.

“Fine, I got no problem with that Hymn. We can still arrange it for some other day.” She said, though she seemed dissatisfied.

“I have to leave now Princess. Its already getting late you know. We have been sitting here for long now. Four hours are already gone. I should be on my way home.” I said as my right hand tried to reach for the door handle to unlock it for me.
She pulled my right hand swiftly and placed it on her left breast. She pulled my other hand and placed it on her right breast.

“Do something Hymn please, a real fire is burning inside me. Do the undoable right away before I am roast.” She said this amidst some tears.

“Is something wrong Princess? Why am I seeing you shed a tear?”

“You know right Hymn you lit a fire in me. You aroused every reactive feeling in me. Am burning! Burning! Burning! I feel like you should get down and do everything on me now. Right away! I am sorry but I am just hungry. I want you to fe…”
“I understand Princess.” I cut her short coz I knew what she was just about to say. She wanted me to feed on her. Yah, she wanted us to do it. But was this the best thing to do? Was this the best place and time?

“Hymn, let your hands do some action please. I feel like they are lazing around my breasts. I am hell hot. I want you to caress me until I cant breathe any more. Handle me mercilessly.” She said as she laid herself at a better position for a non-disturbed caress.

I unbuttoned her blouse and…

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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