The campus series of love stories. Episode 3

The campus series of love stories. Episode 3

She held my hand still as
she headed for a    
Hybrid BMW i8 1.5CC

That was parked right ahead of us

She pulled off my arms after that long embrace and moved a stride back. I was so confused that I wouldnt tell the next step I’d take.
“Goodbye Princess, it was a pleasure meeting you.” I finally got my word.
I was about to leave when she hurriedly grabbed my hand and again called out my name, “Hymn, dont leave please. Can we talk?” So this time round yeye ndo alikuwa ananiuliza if we could talk.

“Yeah, sure. Tell me something Princess.” I said stupidly like I was expecting this lady to go a step ahead na anitongoze. She looked straight into my eye with her unblinking sexy eyes. I felt weak. Sijui kama it was due to this prolonged embrace ama it was for these sexy eyes that were so bright to a point of confusing my vision.
“You were heading to class, right?” She asked while playing her fingers on my two-hundred-shilling worth wrist watch.

“Yes, nilikua naharakisha nifikie darasa la leo.” I said trying to pull off my hand from hers.
“But I dont think first year classes have set off.”
And how did she tell I was a first year na sikuwa nimetaja anything to do with that hata! Besides I had tried as much to act like I was a third year or more.
“Well, what if we go somewhere, sit down and share some word of mouth?” She suggested.
I was ready fine with that even though I didnt know of the place she referred to as “somewhere”.

She started downstairs, pulling my hand harder so that I could easily and quickly follow. We walked down holding hands like we had been bond for the last three years or so. We didnt miss a topic for discussion as we headed down. We talked a lot. The conversation would get hotter and hotter as we crossed each step down. From our conversation, I learnt that Princess loved music; she loved singing, dancing, and listening to all those music instruments play. Music, what else would bind us together then? I loved music. My vocals were perfect and besides, I was talented in writing short verses that could be easily voiced and become song. This was the first thing I noticed we shared in common but, would I tell her that I was also musical? I thought it was still early.

She led our way out of the university building and surprisingly led further to the university parking lot. Sasa kwa parking lot ndo watu huenda kukaa wakaongea? I was too confused to let out any kind of reaction. She had neutralized me.
Well, she held my hand still as she headed for a hybrid BMW i8 1.5CC that had come to sight immediately we had taken a corner away from the Administration’s parking space. Could this BMW be hers’? How could she, as young as she was, own such an expensive machine? Was this real? Was I dreaming? No, it wasn’t a dream.

She fetched the car keys from her purse and opened the driver’s side door. She got in, opened the other side door and ushered me in. I hesitated but then decided to get in at last. She sat with both legs on the driver’s seat while facing me.She moved close and even closer to me, her hands trying to head the wrong way. I was not ready for this. I pulled back alittle and she would  notice my ignorance.She finally  lay her hands on my shoulders and called out my name but in a whisper.
“”Hymn, you are really handsome and all hot.I sure am falling for you.”
I couldnt believe what i was hearing at that moment.
I observed how her eyes were stuck on every movement my lips made and decided to…

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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