The campus series of love stories. Episode 2

The campus series of love stories. Episode 2

The fragrance that was
produced by her body
was too fresh and
so sweet.

After a short war of words and an internal conflict with my personality, I gained the confidence for attack on the situation that was at hand. I had observed this lady closely and noticed that my Swahili had humbled her. “This guy must be from Tanzania.” I saw this words writte on her face, lakini angejuaje aty mimi ni mkaaji wa Nyanza, kwanza resident wa interior Nyanza. I acted so good more than it had been her expectation.

So I started out to introducing myself, “Dada, mimi kwa majina ni Himnaya Mtotegemewa, na lako vipi?”

My second name, “Mtotegemewa” must have caught her by surprise and I could see it written on her face. But after all it was my name and she had nothing to do with it.

“I am Princess Latifa, you happened to meet a princess before?” She asked holding her waist with one hand raised slightly above her shoulders.
I had opened my mouth ready to answer but she cut me short.
“Of course no”. She quickly responded to her question na tumaringo while rolling her eyes ungedhani anataka kuyatoa nje yote.
“Well, I have neither met someone too local like you seem. Very handsome but dressed like someone belonging to the street family. It is a pleasure meeting you though.” She said this stretching out her hand for a shake.
I couldnt take it coz she had used obscene sarcasm to refer to me. Aty hakuwahi kutana na mtu local kama mimi, how stupid did that sound?

I wanted to move on and leave ju nilikuwa fed up. Sikutaka tena kuinua mkono wangu upon her ju this time I was sure to rain on her heavily. Whatever that came after, sikuwa natarajia. Princess called me by name and even made it sound sweeter than ever, Am sorry Hymn, I didnt mean to provoke you.”
Weee! That sounded too sweet. I Himnaya had been transformed to Hymn. I wouldnt hide the joy that was pouring out of my heart.
“Hamna shida Princess, nishapoa!” I said this amidst smiles.

This time round she moved closer to me with arms wide open, ready for embracement. I never let it to chance. I stretched out my hand before she could reach out to me, nikamshika na nikamvuta karibu na mimi. I held her so tight in my arms and let her remain there for the next five minutes. Watu walikua wanapita tu hapo wakituangalia na hatungejali ju sisi wenyewe hatukuwa hapo. Sijui tulikua tumeenda trip Jupiter kidogo. The feeling  I got at that moment was out of this world. The fragrance that came out of her body made my heart beat a hundred times the normal rate. She was sure sweet. You can imagine of the number of wishes that I made while still holding onto her. You can as well imagine how it felt with her chest rubbed against mine until I would feel those protruding, pointed nipples press my left middle rib. Niliisha wallahi. Na hiyo ilikua ni hug tu.Ingezidi hapo basi ingekua ni story nyengine.

“You sure are an epitome of real beauty Princess.”  For the first time kizungu iliflow na haikuniacha nikihang.
“Awww, thanks a lot Hymn, am just humbled.”
She then pulled off my arms ju for sure singemwachilia hata tungekaa hapo hadi giza likaingia. She took me by hand and led our way as we headed for …

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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