The Campus Series of Love Stories. Episode 18

The Campus Series of Love Stories. Episode 18

Princess opened the menus booklet to see what meals were available at that moment.

What will you eat babe?

‘What shall I eat babe?’ I was confused. I didn’t even know the kind of meals that were sold in this place. I had never been to Debonairs. Everything around me looked new and completely strange. When I got a chance to play my eyes around the room, I would see people eating very strange meals. Some drinking drinks that I had not seen once before. A lady and a guy seated round a table next to ours were eating something that looked very saucy. A kind of food that had been placed in a small penta-box. I later came to learn that whatever the couple were eating was a pizza which I had long heard of. I saw it written on the box that it was packed. Surprise was written all over my body but I tried as much to avoid manifesting it on my face or even on how I behaved.

I think chips masala and some soft drink will do. Mhm, yes, chips masala with maybe stoney. I hope it does not cost much as I have always heard about the prices here.

Come on Hymn. Why do you have to keep talking about money and costs? Seems you don’t believe my word?

No,its not it Princess. You know I trust you and so I believe your word. Its just that I have been brought up in such an environment. I only talk of money in the negative form. Maybe its scarcity, lack of money, no money, spend less money, buy cheap things and stuff. This are the words that I have grown knowing that they are what describes money. Its not by wish that I keep telling you about it. Its a process of nature I guess.

Well! Well! Well Hymn. Now, you should change your attitude henceforth. I already told you money is no problem to my dad. He has money. He works on money. Money is his work. So, worry not babe. Everything to do with cash or chaque, buying, pre-paying and post-paying is well catered for. Now, chips masala and soda won’t satisfy an empty stomach that is going out on a hyke. Chips is good yeah but its not strong enough to keep us through out all our time out. And besides, chips is a girly food, you do good with girly meals?
My brother back in Rwanda cannot go a day without eating ugali. I wonder if ugalibis that addictive but all I know is that he has always remained strong and physically fit. I would prescribe the same ugali for you if I were your doctor.

Princess said this words jokingly and real humor came out of it. Talking of ugali being addictive was something to laugh at loudest.
Princess, you really are funny. I said this amidist smiles all over my face.
And you never told me you had a brother babe. What would have prevented you from making this known to me? Why did you think I shouldnt know about your brother, my in-law. Or isn’t it right that I know him?

Hymn love, knowing about my younger brother is no offense but, there are several things that you are yet to know about me. A lot of things that are more than just knowing about Louis, my little brother. I always try as much to avoid talking about him. Talking about him gives me very sad memories. It always reminds me of several things. But in anyway, I have to tell you about him.
Louis is my younger brother whom I love with my whole heart. He is such a cool guy, ever sweet and nice to hang around with. The only thing that saddens me about him is that; whenever I look at him, whenever I talk about him, it reminds me of my late mother and how she passed. People say she died for Louis to survive. I mean she died in her process of delivering Louis.


I remember that fateful night like it all happened yesterday. My late mother, Eileen, had carried Louis in her womb for a whole eight and half months. She had made it through well and safely with several visits to her doctor.Mother made her visit to the doctor atleast once in a blue moon. She had done this for all those eight months. Her days had neared and she started experiencing her labour pains as early as this half a month to her exact date of delivery. She made another visit to her doctor and he told her everything was fine and that the whole process would be complete in half a month’s time.

Mum came home and she seemed tired this day than I had seen her before. She was tired due to the weight she was carrying in her womb.A weight that she had neared for a whole eight months now; my baby brother to come-as our doctor had pointed out.
I went up to mum to confirm from her if everything was right and she hugged me an assurance of everything being right. Her tiredness might have been due to nature; due to her expectancy.
Later that night I was woken up by peoples’ footsteps, who were moving hurriedly, as it felt, within our compound. I got out of bed and the first thing I thought of was that, my mother’s time to deliver had come. A time to lay eyes on my baby brother had come.
All I didn’t know was that, this was my mother’s last day on earth. She would bring a creature into the world and at the same time leave the world.
Had I known this was going to happen, then I swear I wouldnt have moved a single step from where my mother sat that minute she hugged me. I didn’t know this was the last hug she would give to me, maybe we would have done it better, maybe we would hug for a longer time than we did it.
My mother was my everything. She was my advice and my way of life. I wish she went with me to the next world. I miss her!
Princess said all this and finally wouldn’t control a stream of tears that rolled down her cheeks.

Princess my love, don’t cry please. I am heartily sorry for your mum demise. Don’t cry babe. Your mum is in heaven watching down on you. It pains. The whole story is sad. Losing a mother is really painful. I know how it feels. I know how it feels to lose someone you love, bearing in mind that there is nowherer we can meet them under this blue sky. Princess babe, calm down please. I, myself feel like bursting and screaming out loud. You see, I lost my sister just through the same circumstantlce that led to your mother’s passing. I lost my sister. I lost my second born sister. Through a complication at birth she died. She died and died forever. I have never seen her and I don’t know if we shall ever meet again. Its painful. Its really painful. It pains me how we…

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