The Campus Series of Love Stories. Episode 17

The Campus Series of Love Stories. Episode 17

Love unending.👌

I stepped down from the car, pushed the door behind me and it locked. Princess then led our way as we headed for…

I locked the gate- with all these people’s eyes on us- then got into the car as Princess an I drove off. I later thought of what this people’s motif, for staring at us that much, was. I knew they were wondering how it had happened that such a machine would be packed infornt of a peasant’s house. A machine that, not even those neighbors who considered themselves rich, owned. They were wondering how possible this had become but I didn’t much about all this. All I cared for was Princess, myself and Princess.

We drove along Thika Super highway as we headed for town before we would set for Ngong’.

Now Princess, why do you think we need to drove all the way to town before we can proceed to Ngong’? Is there something so important that we must get from town before we go our way to the place?

Hymn, its almost lunch hour and you know we cannot go to the Ngong’ on an empty stomach. Hyking requires that you be energetic. We have to eat well before we proceed, and you know well I don’t take my meals just from any hotels around here. I can only take my meals from Debonaires, KFC or Pizza Inn for some pizza. We again need to carry along some snacks and water to the hyke as it is not provided by the authority there. If we go there empty handed then believe you me, we shall get out of the place in less than an hour or two.

Enough Princess, I am getting you right. Just drive on and avoid this too much, endless conversations as they may distract your driving. Or don’t you think they can distract you?

No, not at all Hymn. You know I’ve been driving for the last eight years. I mastered the art like NY other professional in the world. I am a queen and mistress of the roads. I can even drive absent mindedly and still get to my destination. What matters is that, so long as I set my mind to some place, then I can get there without much struggling.

Well then Princess, but it is wise that you been keen when driving even if you mastered the art and…

Before I could finish my word, the driver of a car that was right ahaead of us braked instantly that Princess almost knocked him form behind. The car was being driven by a learner, from one of the driving schools in town, who had not understood the whole art and mechanism involved in driving. Princess also peddled the emergency brakes and the car stopped instantly. We had narrowly escaped being involved in a car crash. Princess closed her eyes and screamed out loud as she thought she had hit the car. I slid and hit my head on the car’s air vent and then heavily returned back to the headrest. Thank God it was spongy, otherwise I would have sustain very serious head injuries.

I remained silent and Princess remained with closed eyes for close to three minutes. She then opened her eyes, looked at me surprisedjust to find that I was very safe and fine. She then turns to around, hugged me so tightly that I wouldn’t breathe normally.

God is a God of wonders Hymn babe. This is a living testimony for both of us. I really don’t know what explanations I would give thereafter. Where were you going when you got involved in an accident? What was the reason behind it all? Well, I don’t even know if we would be breathing anymore at this particular time. Thanks be to God. He spared our lives from the hands of injury and even death. This is why I will live to praise Him no matter what the situation I am in.

Princess! Princess my love! I have been scared to death today. I have been scared more than ever before. God is really a faithful God. I just came to strongly believe that God is everywhere and with us in all our situations. He never forsakes his beloved ones.

We then, after hugging for like five minutes, let go of each other. Princess said a short word of prayer then we proceeded with our journey. It took us close to one hour to get to town. Princess parked her car right in front of Debonaires, opened her side car door, stepped down and locked it. She then walked to my side’s door, opened it and humbly requested me to come with her. I thought Princess was doing too much. She was treating me like I was her king and she was my servant. She was so nice to me and the feeling was sweet.

I stepped down from the car, pushed the door behind me and it locked. Princess then led our way as we headed for the hotel room. We got in and I would immediately feel my social class did not belong there. My class didn’t fit in there at all! At all! There were several people present; young and old, men and women, youths and children and couples who constituted the highest percentage. All this people were busy. Others were busy emptying their paid for meals from their plates while others looked very busy discussing very serious issues. You would actually think all this was the place all business ideas were discussed before they would be passed on to the general public. People were too busy. Nobody cared about what another person did. In short, everybody was minding their own business.

Now, since I had never been to the place before, I felt so nervous. Several things there seemed strange to me. A lot of small things easily captured my whole attention. From how the customers were handled, how orders were made, how busy the chefs were in preparing the meals, those security men who were walking all around to ensure security of their clients and many more things that I had never experienced in those food kiosks I was used to.

There was a table with two chairs at the far end of the hotel room and we agreed to go sit there with Princess. A beautiful, young, brown and of medium height lady, dressed in a black skirt, a white top and a white bow tie; wearing neither high heeled nor flat open shoes, followed us as we headed for our seats. I got to the table first and I pulled one of the chairs for Princess to sit. She was so happy at this. She hadn’t expected this from me but surprisingly, I had done it. I then turned to the opposite side of the table and took my chair. We sat facing each other. Princess looked at me and she smiled. I answered her smile with a smile and the feeling was silly.

Princess, we have a lot of things left for us to do. So we need to hurry, bearing in mind time is not on our side.

The waitress who had followed us came and stood right in front of us.

Hello! I am Nancy Martolla, a customer attendant here. Anytime you need help just call on me please as I am here for your aid. I will be standing right there. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here and our services as well.

Hello Nancy, its a pleasure you are on our service. We will sure call on you when we are ready.

Nancy then walked away and positioned herself at the place she had told us. Nancy was beautiful and I can’t deny. I wouldn’t control my eyes but stare as she walked away from us; how she swayed what her mama gave her -up and down, side to side and right and left.

She was attracting my whole attention but I was too sharp. I acted so quickly that Princess would not notice a thing. I felt so stupid. Princess was beautiful and had all that I was staring at in Nancy. I felt stupid.

Princess opened the menus booklet to see all the available meals.
What will you eat babe?
I think I will eat…

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

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