The Campus Series Of Love Stories. Episode 15.

The Campus Series Of Love Stories. Episode 15.

Love is a journey
that never ends
if travelled with

“Her tight dress that ended slightly above her knees exposed her whole beauty right into my eyes….

I wouldn’t mind sharing it all dear, but such stories are never lively when narrated online. I shall tell it to you on a face to face basis. Is that fine with you?

Yes Hymn love but you can give me a hint of what the whole story will entail; what the testimony will look like. Please.

Well Princess, I really don’t know from where I should start explaining it to you but in short, I have been brought up in a very humble background. The far I am at the moment has seen me go through a very tough time. I have undergone one hell of a time on this earth. Sometimes I even felt like giving up on life. Sometimes I even felt like life was no longer important and that death was better than living a miserable life. A miserable life that would get me into thinking of cutting my life short.  Anyway, God has been on my side and my family’s side. I really thank Him for this far. The inside of my story is what carries the whole weight of what life has been. What I have just given you is just a story line of what testimony I have.

Fine Hymn love. Now I got to understand you and can even predict what your story will look like. I had several questions for you; about how you got all along in this miserable kind of life but let them be preserved for some other day. I am hoping that they just wont sound provocative because they are very personal questions concerning a private life; your experience with love affairs and your life as a whole.
Anyway, its already past midnight love and we haven’t caught any sleep yet, can we now sleep please? Just if you you got nothing else to add on whatever we have discussed all along. Have you got anything more Hymn?

I know you are very tired Princess , which is the same case with me here. Lets go offline; cut our conversation short and preserve the rest of our discussive issues for tomorrow. But I hope we remain connected spiritually; you sleep carrying me in your heart as I will sleep with you in my heart too.

Its alright my love, have it warm tonight even though this night today is too cold. Psychologically hold me tight in your and embrace me until the sunshine comes out again.

Fine babe, have a fantastic night.

Our long conversation came to an end at this point , otherwise; could we continue talking, the sun would come out again and find us still in our talking session.
Princes couldn’t hang up the phone and so I was obliged to helping her do it.

Forty minutes past midnight and through out all this time, I didn’t notice that I hadn’t eaten my supper. The hunger I had earlier must have been dissolved in the air and carried away by the western winds or so. I had to sleep on an empty stomach because everybody at home was already asleep and I wouldn’t go disturbing their sleep just for meals. Besides, I felt really full; like Princess had been feeding her words right into my stomach. I really felt satisfied in all ways after the long hours of conversation.

I changed into my night gowns and slowly lay my body on my bed so as to catch some sleep but, none of it came over. My mind was just ringing of all the things that we had talked with Princess, all the things we had done with Princess and all the ideas we had shared with Princess in just less 24 hours; what we would do the following day-more than we had done during the day; how I would treat her queenly until she respected me forever even more than she was doing at the moment;most importantly, how I would appear out for a date- my dress code, my hairstyle, my grooming as a whole.

I was not seeming to reach at conclusions on the arguments that were playing in my mind and thus, sleep-out of sympathy-came and took over me. I only woke up the following morning to find everyone already gone to their daily hustles and the kids already gone to school. One hundred shillings was left on the coffee table for my fare to and from school.
I woke up, took my phone and wrote to Princess to confirm if she had already woken and up fine and also remind her of our plans for the day; we would be out for a picnic in due time. Princess then wrote back to confirm that all our plans were still intact and legit.

I immediately got myself into final preparations; my unruly hair needed to be trimmed, my black trousers and shirt needed to be ironed for once-even though I was not used to that. My only pair of casual shoes needed to be dusted and everything else that needed attention as part of preparation.
I took the one hundred shilling note and headed straight to a barber next door. I spent fifty shillings of the a hundred shillings to trim my hair. Today I couldn’t bargain on the shaving cost for I was in a hurry.

I went back to the house and set everything right and at exactly thirty minutes past nine, I had completed every preparation and was very ready to go out. I again wrote to Princess and informed her that I was ready. She called me back and informed me that she had already left her house and was on her way home.

I, to some extent was not believing this was happening. I would actually feel like I was daydreaming . Very expensive events were occurring so quickly in a very limited period of time , one after another. I felt like my whole life had changed a  great deal for the last 23 hours or less.
Princess drove her BMW  right to our home gate and parked it just next to the gate. She remained in the car for the next five to ten minutes expecting me to have seen her and hurry up. When she noticed I was taking too long to come out, she took her phone and rung me. I looked through the window and confirmed that she had already arrived. I left whatever I was busy doing and went ahead to meet Princess.

She saw me opening the gate and opened her car door. Her right leg stepped down first and her shoes were more of a real Princess’. Her tight dress that ended slightly above her knees exposed her whole beauty right into my eyes. Her physical outlook was stunning. The tight dress gave me an opportunity to calculate the size of her big sexy ass. I would easily see her….

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.