The Campus Series of Love Stories. Episode 12.

The Campus Series of Love Stories. Episode 12.

Losing means you get
that right destined
partner and love
like you were never
hurt before.

“Well !  Well !  Well ! My  Princess, I will always do everything as you wish it done so long as it makes our relationship and us bonding the more hence our love shall grow stonger…”

“You have a grand idea Princess; we shall write our story and give it the title The Campus Series of Love Stories. And now, a series of love stories means we do several episodes of the story, right?”

“Yes Hymn my love, we shall write endless episodes of our love story. We shall cover this day that we met in approximately eight episodes then our love life afterwards shall cover several episodes as much as we are alive. Only death-God forbid-shall end our love story.”

“Princess, you talk and smitten my heart ‘only death shall end our love story’. Those are words of wisdom which shall be included in our storys prologue. -Only death shall end our love story-.”

“Hymn babe, stop employing exaggeration in just a simple chat. See now you crossed our conversational bounds and started talking of prologues. My words were just quite simple, in other words; we shall be together forever.”

“I understand you pretty well Princess. Just that I am too quick to take note of non-avoidable wise utterances that we shall include in our story. I see you are wise lady.”

“Thanks my love. Its a compliment and I cannot look down on it. And in anyway; you told me you wrote something for me, what is it loved? I tried to guess but I am not good at it. Just tell me now please. I am still me, your Princess.”

“I wrote some piece of poetry for you sweetheart. I love poetry so much. It is my easiest way of speaking out my mind and heart. It always makes me feel freed. It makes me feel relaxed every time I express my whole mind; the whole me in just a single piece of paper. So, today I wouldnt think normally after what happened in the course of the day. Immediately we parted ways, I headed right to my room and wrote the small piece of poetry in order to impress you more. I already knew you loved poetry very much. I wrote a poem and gave it the title Magical love deepens. I am just hoping you will be able to enjoy it.”

“I sure will enjoy it love. Its true you already know my love for poetry, only that you never wanted to share with me your love for poetry. I love poetry, music and anything that has rhythm within it, music instruments and any captivating reading material. I am privileged for I will be having almost all this at hand. Thank God I am engaged to a writer. You shall write every bit our story; be it positive or negative-for there always are ups and downs in a relationship. All this shall be done romantically.” Princess said this amidst some laughter implying that she was employing some sense of humor.

“Well! Well! Well! My Princess, I will always do everything as you wish it done so long as it makes our relationship and us bonding the more hence our love shall grow stronger.”

“Relax Hymn. We are just beginning. We need to work really hard in order to make our love story readable. We should love extraordinarily and do everything differently. We should actually make a very tight schedule for our out-goings and plan on our time well so that we cannot tamper with our study schedule. We shall again arrange for a new-couples-in-town honeymoon. Then we shall explore all those beautiful places around that I heard of while in Rwanda. We shall go to places with no worry on our expenditures’ funds.”

“But Princess, I have to worry about our money for expenditure because you already have the smaller picture of what my family background looks like. My parents actually struggle to get my one hundred shillings fare each day. I wonder how and where I will get money that will take us to all those beautiful sceneries all over the country and…”

“Dont! Dont worry love. All that is making you feel worried is well catered for. Everything that concerns money should be left to me. All you need to do is identify the places and we make a visit. Never should you feel shamed by that for I got no pride and besides, I wont behave in any way that would suggest mediocrity and create negativity in you. You are all I got Hymn. I shall keep you as my only treasure. You are the king in the small palace in my heart. Forever Together shall be our love’s motto.”

We then continued conversing for over half an hour making plans for the day that would follow. We decided that we could…

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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