Series review : Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan|

Series review : Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan|



EPISODES: 8                                     NETWORK: AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

Adopted from Tom Clancy’s 1984 novel Hunt for Red October Jack Ryan played by John Krasinski. A CIA analyst and former Marine who traces transfer of funds linked to the terrorist. This captures Jack Ryan’s attention which leads him on a trail hunt for the terrorist with a first encounter almost killing him. Ryan is determined to take down the terrorist which leads to a  game of cat and mouse with Jack Ryan closing in on every step of the way. A mixture of suspense of what will happen and who will outsmart the will have at your edge. Will the terrorist get away? Or will Jack get to him before its too late?

The series has some notable characters like award-winning Wendell Pierce who plays Jim Greer Ryan’s Group chief

Wendell Price as Jim Greer (right)

who after a spell of misfortunes overseas gets transferred to the CIA headquarters. Wendell who also appeared in HBO drama series Suits as highly powered attorney Robert Zane brings with him his strictness and witty banter

. Also included is Australian born actress and rapper Abbie Cornish who plays    Catherine Muller an epidemiologist who had been to Africa to find a cure for the Ebola Virus and Ryan’s love interest.

Abbie Cornish as Catherine Muller


The lack of depth in character for Ryan really brings down the interest in the show with much attention being given to Suleiman and his wife Hanin (Dina Shihabi). John Krasinski in the past few years has proven himself as both an actor in the movies 13 hours as Jack Silva


John Krasinski as Jack Silva in the movie 13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

and director and star early this year in the horror A Quiet Place but Jack Ryan’s script does not give him enough to build upon.

The first six episodes don’t really do much to keep emotions high by giving viewers snippets of each character’s background especially for Ryan and every time the focus is not on him tension drops and the story feels less emotionally sincere. For example, the introduction of Cathy Mueller as Ryan’s love interest, the romantic tension is if by anything to go by non-existent and their nude sex scene does not convince about their feelings for each other. More could have been done to also improve Cathy’s character too by maybe giving us a taste of how it was in Africa had she left maybe an old lover? Something that could have made her human instead of a pillar of perfection

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is worth watching if you want to get the human side of the Middle East terrorism –how xenophobia and racism led to its creation and that women and children are the victims but if you’re hoping for classic action thrills, this might not be it.



Ian Macharia

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