End social media wars and revive comradeship| thecampusmagazine.com

End social media wars and revive comradeship| thecampusmagazine.com

End social media wars and revive comradeship| thecampusmagazine.com

Claims that given universities are better than others nolonger make sense.

I have seen and heard comrades arguing that their university is better than another. I have seen online encounters where comrades from some universities think they are superior than others. Cases of some student leaders belittling given universities have been recorded not just once before.

Just recently, the University of Nairobi Student Association (UNSA) president, Ann Mvurya made a public statement that was kind of controversial. In her statement, Ann said, “We are all comrades, hence we are all equal whether one is from the great University of Nairobi or Kabianga”. As a critique, I would say this statement by Ann didnt mean to demean comrades from Kabianga but rather outrighltly show that we are all equal in the eyes of our economy. However, conventional critiques would say this words were meant to discredit Kabianga University comrades. My main area of concern today is not the Kabianga vs Ann war of words.

There is need for comrades to be united. I am a believer of the popular saying, united we stand and divided we fall and beg. KUSO (Kenya Universities Student Association) is one of the student bodies in Kenya that was created to ensure unity and maximum service delivery among comrades. KUSO has for the last few day experienced a crisis. Different leaders, Fikirini Jacobs and Nimo Sheikh, were sworn in as KUSO chairs at different times and different venues. This, according to me is one thing has left comrades more divided than ever before.

The online wars are originating from some comrades feeling excluded from national student matters.

My take on the superiority complex among some comrades

I always wonder why comrades would engage in online wars over which university is better than another. One thing that is for sure in this country today, there are no jobs. Regardless of which university you go to, you will still tarmarc like anyone else from any other university around.

Just the other day Citizen TV aired a story of a first class graduate from the University of Nairobi who was living in a slum and washing cars for a living. A few months ago, a JKUAT graduate made headlines after he threatened to take his own life when his many trials to secure a job opportunity failed. That is the situation out there. Nobody is guaranteed of a job once he/she graduates. There is no institution that guarantees jobs. None.

Comrades need to end social media wars and instead embrace unity in coming up with ideas that can benefit us all. Pair up and innovate. Lets come together and do things. Let us embrace each other regardless of our institutions. Let every comrade feel secure by the fact of being a comrade alone.

After all this is done. Unity shall prevail and change shall surely come. Who knows this can lead to liberation of this country that is languishing in the jaws of corruption.

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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