Poetry: What is love| thecampusmagazine.com

Poetry: What is love| thecampusmagazine.com

Tell me what love is,

Is it that feeling of attraction between two people,

Or just having lustful feelings,

Is it just a word,

That people play around with,

Is it just a game,

With sex as a goal,

I thought love is that feeling,

Of being comfortable in ones prescence,

Having your best moments in ones silence,

A sense of belonging in ones life,

Emptiness when missing someone,

I wish in love,

I will breath in peace, and cast the pain away,

I will heal my brokeness and feel myself whole,

I will not be afraid of getting hurt again,

I will have a voice and not only follow orders,

Hope to love and be loved back,

That true love from an honest person,

I wish…


©lewis wamwanda


Lewis Wamwanda

Lewis Wamwanda is a poet and novelist, born in Eldoret Kenya in the late 90's and is a student at Kisii University.

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