Poetry: Mama

Poetry: Mama


When you realised you were pregnant of me

You didn’t say that you were too young

Or that you had nothing to offer me

You knew that ,

mtoto akija, huja na sahani yake

So you were overjoyed by the fact that

God himself chose you

And swore with your life to protect the gift growing in your belly

Mama ,

You didn’t complain that your perfect waistline  was being ruined

By the bulging belly as a result of me

You carried me with pride

Showed me off to everyone you met

Let them friends touch your belly

And give me a kiss


I remember how I used to seek for attention

I cried from dusk to dawn

But you were there to pacify me mama

You were ready to do whatever it took to make me smile

I can’t forget your favourite song:

Lala toto lala

Lala Toto lala

Lala Toto lala

Mama ako nawe


I used to listen to your prayers at 3am

You used to wakeup early to ensure that our home was surrounded by the blood of Christ

You prayed for me when I couldn’t pray for myself

My life you fixed with prayers when I was busy destroying it

You even taught me to pray the rosary mama

And made sure I understood the importance of Novenas and shrine water


You taught me the role of everything and everyone  we had

You made sure I respected everyone with ought looking at their character


You helped me to learn to let people go

I remember you told me

maybe God is helping you avoid a catastrophe

You made sure I learnt to forgive and forget


You tamed my anger

Step by step

You taught me to nurse my anger and frustrations with pen and paper

I salute you because today ,

My pen is directly connected to my soul


You showed me the importance of working hard

5:am found and also finds  you busy

Ensuring our family never lack

You save every dime you can

Always have something to send me no matter how hard life is


You taught me how to cook

Remember I used to cook square chapattis

And dad used to ask each time I cooked sukumawiki , nani amepika hizi skuma?

But slowly by slowly

You ensured my hands could create a great meal for the family


Till now I long for my birthday

I long for the birthday messages

And birthday cards and surprise cakes

And when am not Home

I always get a M-pesa confirmation for the cake and half Kg meat


I messed up big time a million time

You picked me in the mud

Wiped my tears

Guided me to the beautiful stars


You gave me your heart and soul

You have me everything I asked for

You never once  let me down

You cleared all the logs on the road for me

Where would I be without you mama ….

I cerebrate you today mama

I know words can’t express my gratitude

I know march 8th is not enough to appreciate all you do for me mama

But I want you to know

You are amazing

You are special

You are magnificent

You are supreme

You are a super woman

You are my light

You are wonderful

I may not pen a  million adjectives

To describe you

 I may not use a billion poems

 To show you my love

  But I would want you to know

That your daughter loves you

Just like your blood flow in her veins

Her love for you flows ….

To the woman who gave birth to me and raised me

With love


Words from my soul

Image: MummyFix


Margaret Wairimu

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