Poetry: An open letter to my love| TCM

Poetry: An open letter to my love| TCM

I know love is different in this era

But I know that men still listen .

I am sure  that men would want to love the right way

So I tried to pen this letter

To the man I love

On how I would want to be loved

So that he doesn’t disappoint me

And I end up hating him for no reason

So dear love,

My expectations are few

My greatest enemy is silence

I  would hate it when I text you and you assume

I would appreciate if you send a please call me

To alert me  that you are out of credit

And believe me , I will call you

I would hate it when you ignore my calls,

If you miss my call, please call back

Or send me a text to alert me that you are available

I hate one word answers love

If I ask you how your day was

Please don’t say okay

If it was terrible

Trust me enough to tell it all

If you are angry at me tell Me and give me a chance to apologise

And I promise to be with you till the end of time

Baby ,

Me being an insecure girl

I wouldn’t want to see you flirt with akina Njeri

It will hurt me greatly even if it means nothing

If you love me , let it be me

I promise to give you 100% attention


I have anger issues

So when am angry , don’t provoke me

Least I might say something I will regret

Hug me tightly  and sooth me to calmness

Wipe my tears and whisper I love you in my ears

Let me know that you can handle my imperfections


I would like you to show me you care

If am sick, please visit me

If its not possible , call me and ask how am fairing

If I have a problem , Be there with me ,

Hold my hand when am sad, caress my hair and sooth me to sleep

And I promise baby , I won’t let you down

Baby, I know you are not rich

I understand that we can’t go to five stars and visit the Bahamas

But I would like you to teach me how to swim

I am a fast learner baby, so you won’t have a hard time 

I would be honoured to teach you chess and later checkmate you 

Till you learn the dictionary of a grand master

I would like to laugh at you when you fall from  your skateboard

I would be elated to share a meal with you once a while

I would really like it if we could be kids for one day and play hide and seek

Or play truth and dare with our friends

In short , I would like to make our relationship as fun as possible

And if it reaches a point, and you feel like am no longer the one

Don’t keep quiet , I am a grown up

I understand that sometimes things don’t work up

Don’t wait till I catch you cheating, or treat me like crap till I understand the cues of a jilted lover

If you are a man enough to tell me you love me, be a man enough to tell me it cant work anymore

And I  promise you  , i will understand


Words from my soul


Margaret Wairimu

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