Poem: Fire

By: Erick Mwangi

Scorching-sensation burns…

Veins dilate, more blood flows

Mindless, common sense goes

Play n pause… Noo! With her, I can’t stop

A drop-dead naked being from bottom to top

She, the embodiment of temptation

A voluptuous wench, with the most erotic sensation

A feat worthy of eternal celebration

You will be mine

Cause am finding it harder to breath every time you do that whine

Whenever you’re close, i get tingles up and down my spine

My oh my… I may just end up building you a shrine

Cause damn girl… your hella fine!

You corrupt me with even the slightest of touch

With you there’s no such thing as too much

Those eyes , so seductive, your features wildly attractive

Your touch, sensational, always leaves me hyperactive

Resistance is futile, cause your too darn provocative

Unreal is what you are

Am pretty sure, you came from the stars

Erick is a journalism and media studies student at the University of Nairobi, ekamunya1@gmail.com




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