Opinion: Why you need not fall in love|thecampusmagazine

Opinion: Why you need not fall in love|thecampusmagazine

Opinion: Why you need not fall in love|thecampusmagazine

I’ve always asked myself why people fall in love. Leave alone the why part, how people end up being attracted to each other. How do you identify your significant other? How sure are you that they’ll always be loyal to you? Are you sure they won’t ever cheat on you? Disrespect and loath your presence?

This may sound paranoid or whatever but let’s face it. This is reality. I’m talking about facts realized from people’s experiences. That’s what most people don’t understand. You go into a relationship blindly expecting it to be all colors and rainbows without frustrations and constant fights. We have to stop being delusional. Just because your friend has a relationship that seems to be perfect doesn’t mean that it’s a walk in the park. That’s just an image they’re painting to deceive your eyes, for you to fall hook, line and sinker into their illusions.

We have to stop painting things as picture perfect when they ain’t. It’s such a waste of energy to fake happiness while you’re crumbling inside just because you want to please your friends. If you ain’t ready to put up with all the emotional baggage that comes along with a sexual relationship, don’t sign up for it. You’ll hurt bad, let me tell you. Find your own happiness first, explore your strengths and weaknesses, keep out of trouble and love yourself, hard. Always put yourself first. Be selfish if you must.

This intoxicated world is full of an awful and cunning lot. Don’t let their evil chains seize you, manipulate you and finally dispose you off when they’re done putting you down. Life is all about decision-making, what steps you take in life will determine how you’ll turn out to be. Remember, you cease to exist, when you aim to please.



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