Opinion: How selling hostel rooms has become a booming business in campus| thecampusmagazine.com

Opinion: How selling hostel rooms has become a booming business in campus| thecampusmagazine.com

Opinion: How selling hostel rooms has become a booming business in campus| thecampusmagazine.com

Buying and selling of hostel rooms has become one of the major businesses someone would indulge into during his/her time in campus.

If you’ve gone into some hostels in our universities, its clear this days that the business and is up and is accepted by some administrators. I was shocked, after visiting several hostels in some university. Cartels are now deep rooted in our universities. We now have agents, middle men, who are brokering hostel rooms and then selling them to other comrades at very expensive prices.

Booking a room and failing to be assigned one is not a big deal this days. I have seen comrades book rooms and the response they get is that the rooms are already full. I have also visited hostels after the rooms have been assigned and occupied and discovered that some of them are actually under-assigned, meaning there are empty beds left where nobody was assigned. Now, where do you think this empty spaces/beds go? Its common sense, the beds are either reserved for some friend or they are later sold to comrades who have no otherwise than to pay expensively.

Just the other day we received information from the Technical University of Mombasa that comrades were being overcharged in booking rooms. One of our respondents sent us a note concerning the hostel menace at TUM which read;

TUM: Hostels scandal

We voted TUMSA executives to serve us but not to rob us. Whether you supported them or not, you are entitled to services without prejudice.
It is so pathetic for TUMSA executive on the docket of accomodation to ask for an extra 3k to students who want to book hostels in preparation for the semester commencing on september. Incase you have paid 9700 for hostel instead of 6700 demand for your cash.
The leader even got the effrontery to tell comrades that he is selling the hostels for the union at a fair price since in Muchiri’s error they were sold at 15k.
Let’s deplore these attrocities of milking comrades dry by student leaders after colluding with administration.
You don’t have a right to rob us just because the previous executive robbed us.
Every semester comrades pay 1k to TUMSA kit. I challenge TUMSA executive to explain profoundly about the subject.
I therefore, demand for an appology to all comrades from TUMSA

Concerned comrade, MAKAUNGILA.

This is how bad the situation in our universities has become. Everyone wants to eat from comrades. Everyone wants to come up with something so they can milk money from unsuspecting comrades.

When I joined university back in 2016, as a module 2 student I was not allowed to apply for a room. I was this fresh guy from the village who didnt know stuff about the city and how I would survive. Getting a place to stay within town where I would easily access school wasn’t easy. I met this guy who told me he had a room which he was selling at an affordable price of Ksh21,000. 21K per semester is 5k per month. That was not bad enough compared to this Nairobi rent prices. My question after all this 3 years still remains, why do administrations allow people who are not in need for rooms to apply rooms so that they can exploit people who do not succeed in application?

The hostels scandal is an heavy matter that it may sound in this opinion. If change has to happen, administrations have to start dealing with this cartels who are exploiting comrades. Now the problem comes in where the cartels are the staff/administration themselves. Laws must be set to deal with this menace.

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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