Opinion: Abolish position for Women Rep and introduce Youth Representatives

Opinion: Abolish position for Women Rep and introduce Youth Representatives

I am not a Gender Discriminant but our Constitution needs Some Amendments for each and every person to be Represented.
From 2017 general elections I came to learn that even women have the same Rights as men and they can actually compete equally without any biases.
I see no need of having this Women representatives at the same time some several regions have elected women MCAs, MPs, Governors, Senators and even Ministers.

My biggest question to my respected Members of Parliament; In Areas like Kirinyaga where we have a Woman Governor, should we have Women representative Position or Men Representative?

I think It’s high time the government identifies The potentiality in Youths. Things have changed women should be given equal rights as men. Therefore, if we have a women representative position we should also introduce a Men Representative position so that in areas like Kirinyaga also men issues may be articulated.
The main reason as to why we have this Women Representative position is because of the traditional way of thinking that women get it difficult to be elected alongside men. Kirinyaga County has made everything clear. A woman can undergo the same process and also win.

Our Youths get it tough and rough to get into leadership positions because of the following reasons;
1. Lack of sufficient funds to support their campaigns.
2. High competition from the aged (Political Competition)
3. Some parts of the constitution do not favour them. For instance, for one to be a president he/she MUST be Above 35 years.
4. Education Qualifications . Some elective positions are too biased in such a way that qualification does not favor Youths at all. For example, some positions require Masters and PHD. Where do you expect me to get that Masters or PHD at 26 years?

For each and every person to be represented the position of the Women Representative needs to be changed to Youth Representative.




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