Moi University 2nd year students register complaints over 16-month long holiday. _News daily.

Moi University 2nd year students register complaints over 16-month long holiday. _News daily.

There comes a time when people need to stand on mountain peaks and shout loudest for their rights. On such times it doesn’t matter the victimization, it takes a few willing souls to get what suits everyone. The last time I checked, the mighty Moi University had been ranked best university in Kenya by ‘God knows who’. Am just wondering how that was even possible. This is the university known to be late in giving transcripts, where almost everyone can miss a room in the hostel. Worst of all the setbacks in Moi university is; it takes at least 6 years to finish a 4-year course. But how does this happen? Well, you might wonder how… But it’s all thanks to the extremely wrong long holidays imposed on comrades. We thought they ended with the /14 group… It’s shocking enough that the /17 group are also facing the same wrath. The group is, unfortunately, suffering a 14 month holiday that doesn’t seem to come to end soon. 

Second-year students through there leaders, Rebecca Moraa and Gibson Meddusa; demand  the following to be addressed;

 *1. We need to know why we’re still having 
holiday extending with each new session.*

 *2. We want to be given reasonable schedules by the admin.* 

*3. Failure to which we shall all report to school on 9th for our first semester of the second year.”

 Its very clear that its an obvious trend at Moi University after a third-year student commented in their Facebook post in quotes “Pigeni kelele kabisaaa, mmeingia Moi University juzi na mnaanza kulalamika? See your life young men and women. Sisi tuliingia Moi 2013 October and we are still in school yet our fellows have graduated except wale wa UoN. Kurudi kwenu shule ni June or July depending on the calendar. Mtakuwa sacrificial lamb, naona mkifanyiwa kama sisi, having long holiday abnormal. Hata mkiinvolve Ayiro ama dean hawezi saidia, DVC academic affairs ndiyo anadeal na issue ya kina nani wanarudi shule. So kama uko na job fanya wacheni kiherehere hata hivyo nyinyi ni product ya whatsapp. Bye” It’s very discouraging when no one seems to be listening to our pleas. How then can we call the university the best when the interests of it’s top stakeholders are not even being given any concern. How can we ever say we’re proud of our university?


Poetess Becky

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