Meru University student leaders take oath of office| TCM

Meru University student leaders take oath of office| TCM

Meru Universisty comrades yesterday witnessed the swearing in of their student leaders whom they had earlier elected into office.

In a ceremony that was attended and presided by Meru University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo, the leaders took oath to office promising comrades of goodies and bridging the gap between them and the administration.

In his speech, the Secretary General, Mr. Maxwell Otieno alias Miguna emphasized on working together with comrades. He said, “Indeed I am a shepherd who must lead the sheep to the best grazing field.”

Since the exit of Wangila Wabomba in early 2018, SAMU has remained reluctant. Last year’s regime did not deliver as to comrades expectations. We expect an escalation in terms of service delivery to comrades from this year’s SAMU Executive members. Indeed they are promising.

The Union Boss Bwana Erick Kimathi majored his inaugural address on 2 issues;

  1. Inclusivity
  2. Introduction of a kitty that will solve needy students’ fee issues and address students’ concerns with all alacrity 24/7. In his maiden speech, he said “It will be my duty to ensure that our students receive the best opportunities and education that they deserve so that the students union can benefit hugely from the continued support of the University.”



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