Meet Ruguru Kimani, the founder and CEO Exciting Parenting

Meet Ruguru Kimani, the founder and CEO Exciting Parenting

We had a one on one with the founder and CEO Exciting Parenting, Ruguru Kimani, a medical student. Here is how the conversation went down.

Who is Ruguru Kimani?

I am a lover of life. I tend to say that I am half human and half amazing. I also love trying things that seem near impossible. I love my family, and above all, I love God. I am also a medical student.

ExcitingParenting is something that several people, including me, are talking about. So what is Exciting Parenting all about? What is it that you do at ExcitingParenting?

Exciting Parenting is a blog, which now has a YouTube channel. I write about parenting and paediatrics. These are topics that I hold dearly at heart considering that child health care is at stake.

When did Exciting Parenting come to existence? When did it cross your mind that you really want to do things parenting? Did you just wake up and decide that now I am going to write about Parenting or did it take you time to make up your mind on this?

Exciting parenting came into existence almost two years ago. I started off by simply placing a post on a famous Facebook page, Kilimani Mum’s and Dad’s. I said that anyone who wanted the rest of the post would get it in their email addresses on request. I received over1000 emails which was overwhelming and that is when I decided to put the content on a blog, for open viewing. I was not exactly starting out as a blogger, but simply as a writer on social media.

I understand you are at your youthful age. Why Exciting Parenting? Why did youchoose parenting over any other niche out there?

Parenting is not an area that we have put in enough research. We do not have enough content for guidance out here. I believe that it is an art that one requires constant moulding in. I found it interesting to use my spare time into ravaging the internet space for research and also interview parents on how they bring up their children and hopefully set a bar of standards. Also, with information I receive from my paediatrics classes, am at a position to offer information on how to bring up children from a child’s point of view.

What inspired Exciting Parenting?

Honestly, I was just bored and I needed some activity in my life. It was a sunny afternoon when I came up with the piece posted on the Facebook page. We also had a doctor’s strike. I was bored.

How was it when you started doing this? Did you face any backlash from the society? How did your family and friends react to your decision to doing this?

Till now I find it embarrassing to explain what I write to people. Most people don’t understand how I write on this with no children. Some people doubted my expertise but later contacted me with loads of questions. I faced some backlash on social media but that happens to all content creators, until people get to appreciate your work.

And how do you actually do it at Exciting Parenting? Do you give solution to parenting issues, advice or is that you point out parenting issues so people can draft solutions on their own?

My blog has numerous solutions to many parenting issues ranging from antisocial kids, pictures of your children that you should not put on social media, danger signs that you can see on kids, all sorts of content. I prefer to come up with solutions depending on what I can see from the society, most of my clues come from social media. I tend to keep off from pointing accusing fingers at parents on what they are doing wrong as I want my space to be a place of comfort for them. Where they can learn and not feel like they are mishandling things as parenting can be hair-raising.

What keeps you going each day with Exciting Parenting? What is this that is ensuring you do not procrastinate?

My community of readers keep me going. The response I receive each time informs me of the impact I have in the society. It is a positive influence. Also, the grace of God keeps me going. At times I feel tired and I want to quit and simply do nothing but God keeps me going. My family and friends support me a lot.

What challenges do you face as an Exciting Parenting champion?

Not finding enough time to make content is a huge challenge. My school schedule is tight which makes it hard to write posts or make videos. Also, as a brand, we would love to do more brand collaborations, which are not easy to come by, considering the kind of niche we are working on.

How do you deal with some of these challenges?

I have guest writers who do an amazingjob to ensure that the blog is running round the clock. I also have someone who works on the website to ensure it is up and functional. He is rank Muthee. Thisensures that things are sane even when I practically cannot lift a finger inregards to the blog.

You’ve been making appearances in some of the top Kenyan media houses. I watched your story on the KTN life&style show some time back, Better Living on NTV, and also read your story in the Standard newspaper around that same period. How was/has been the experience? How did it feel knowing that thousands of people from within and outside the country are watching/listening to your idea?

At first I was scared, feeling as if I was putting myself out too much. Later I realised that these are opportunities to help me grow and to also inspire young people out there to try work on their passions into something beautiful.

Where do you want to get the idea Exciting Parenting? What is your vision for Exciting Parenting?

 I would love to have a magazine on parenting; A publication coming out on a regular basis. Also, I would love to have my own TV show that highlights health education mainly on children and also how to bring them up. This would cover stories from parents from different parts of our country and also from different backgrounds.

I read from your website that you are a Sunday school teacher. Tell us something about Sunday school teaching. How interesting/exciting is it? What bit of it do you enjoy most?

Sundays are days I look forward to alot! I teach kids between the ages of 12-14. I love how fesh they are, trusting, and ready to learn. The most interesting part is where I teach them Bible stories that they have never heard of, you should see the awe on their stories. Is also love giving them bible quizes where they compete in teams andwin prizes. To teach the children, one needs a lot of patience. They can benoisy at times as their concentration span is pretty short.

I don’t want us to end this interview without you enlightening me on some issues,parenting. So tell me, what do you think is the right age for someone to get married?And what is the right time for couples to have a child, from the time they getmarried, so they can become Exciting Parents?

So, this is a topic I would love to leave at personal discretion. I think one should get married as soon as their pressing priorities are completed eg school, and as soon as they find someone that they love and would love to spend their lives with them. Also, after one feels that it is the right time,I think the sixth sense would let one know. My sixth sense has not informed me yet so I’m still waiting (chuckles.)

How can people get in touch with you concerning Exciting Parenting?

I have an active email address that I check each morning to ensure that I am not missing out on anything. It

What other closing remark would you like to make?

Tell a child what to do, they will not do it. Show them by example, what you want done, and count it completed.

Thanks for sparing your time for this interview. All the best in your quest forpublishing a parenting magazine, (Exciting Parenting)                                                                                     

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Charles Getembe

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