Meet Moreen Njeri, Miss Moi University 2018| The campus magazine

Meet Moreen Njeri, Miss Moi University 2018| The campus magazine

We had a chat with the just crowned Miss Moi University 2018 and she shared really a lot with us concerning herself and the just concluded Miss MU contest which she emerged winner. See how the conversation went down.

Thanks for responding to our request. Can you please introduce yourself, tell us who you are, what you do, tell us your age and everything else you would want us to know about you.

I am Moreen Njeri Kang’ethe. I am a 2nd year student at Moi University studying Special needs education, sign language. I am 20 years of age and the current Miss Moi University 2018.


We are aware you were crowned Miss Moi University in the just completed contest 2018, congratulations. So how was the experience from that event? Did you expect the outcome to be what it turned out to be? Like, were you certain you were to carry the day?

The competition was surely tough but I gave it my best. From the preparation, the daily practices and the designs for that day, yeah the outcome was as expected. I had a strong hope and feeling that I would carry the day.


And what is this that inspired you into modelling? Why modelling and not anything else?

Well, I have been passionate about modelling all along. I can actually trace back my modelling to when I was a small girl. I used to look at models and have that feeling for ‘I want to get to where this woman is’. Modelling has always been my dream and winning Miss Moi University is part of a dream coming true.


For how long have you been modelling? When did you know you can model and how did it start?

I started modelling when I was only 14 years of age. Back in high school at St. Francis Girls high school we had this modelling competition and thank God I was the first runners up for this school modelling competition. I also participated in Miss Westlands and also Miss Culture Moi University 2017. These contests have prepared me really well for this modelling career.


Modelling, I understand, is more of style/fashion. How can you describe your style in one sentence?

Looking smart is always my priority. I love wearing trousers with trainers but I also love dresses accompanied with heels or flats.


And how do you maintain your model figure? Do you starve yourself, work out at the gym or you are naturally figured? Which is which?

I personally love food and therefore I cannot starve myself to maintain my model figure. I eat and eat really well. I don’t over-eat nor eat less. I am naturally figured anyway and again work out at the gym regularly. Its a combination of all that you have said.


Who do you look up to in the modelling world? Who is your role model and why?

Lupita Nyong’o has always been my role model and my fashion idol. What I love about Lupita is the taste of fashion and style she has. She deliberately challenges beauty standards and I really really look up to her.


Where do you see yourself in the next two to three years of modelling?

In the next few years, with my efforts and unending spirit, I hope to be recognised as a well-known beauty icon. My biggest dream has always been, to appear on the front cover of the vogue magazine, one of the biggest known magazines world-wide. It’s a pleasure having been featured on The Campus magazine again.


What are the challenges you have encountered as a model?

Like any other career opportunity out there, modelling has its own challenges which we, models need to overcome in order to succeed in it. I have faced challenges in it but the most disturbing one is sexual advances for casting jobs. Some people ask for sexual favours before they can take you up for a modelling task. It takes models to be brave in order to overcome that. Another challenge I have encountered is an unstable income from various events where I have to showcase my skills. Some event organisers pay peanuts to models.


How do you benefit from being Miss Moi University? What roles do you play as a model in the institution?

Being Miss Moi University gives me a platform and opportunity to showcase my skills and so I am able to participate in various events around the school. It gives me identity. With my tittle now, I will be able to participate in next time’s Miss Universities Kenya.


A rumour has it that the just completed Mr & Miss Moi University 2018 was corrupted and you guys were paid peanuts. What can you comment about that?

I will not comment anything about the peanut payment. All I know is that there is a team working on the same and I hope the results will be good.


What do you wish to tell the young models out there looking to you?

To young models out there trying to achieve something, all you should know is that hard work, perseverance and lots of patience is all that matters. I have always lived to believe that behind every glory lies a painful story therefore, you all should not give up because of the challenges that you may face. Go for what your passion wants.

Thanks for responding to us and we wish you all the best as you model more. We are looking forward to an interview with you again as soon as nature dictates. It’s been a pleasure having this conversation.

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