Meet Kinara Omenke, student activist and aspiring Chiromo Governor

Meet Kinara Omenke, student activist and aspiring Chiromo Governor

Meet Kinara Omenke, student activist and aspiring Chiromo Governor

Kinara Omenke Maurice is a student at the University of Nairobi’s Chiromo campus. He is a famous campus blogger and an upcoming politician. Charles had an opportunity to interview him and here is what he shared with him about his studying, blogging and political carreer.

So, who is Kinara Chiromite Omenke? 

 Omenke: Firstly, Kinara Chiromite Omenke is the grandson to Omenke senior the first man to wash his hands after eating. He is the incoming Chiromo Governor; a political analyst and UoN student Activist. A faithful partner to one Maasai lady. (laughs)

You are a famous blogger, well known within universities inside and outside Kenya. When did this begin? How did it all begin?

Omenke: Hii jina siipendi but itabidi nizoee (laughs). First I would like to thank two people who saw a potential in me: My political father Samwel Ayoma and my brother Komrade Isaka. Hawa wasee nimewasumbua sana (laughs). It all started back then 2017 nikiwa fresher that’s when I joined Komrade Isaka School of Wisdom obeyed all commands from Isaka and here I am. Gari pekee ndo Isaka amekataa kuninunulia (laughs) lakini when it comes to all types of advice Isaka is dope bro.With Isaka and Ayoma nimeenda places zenye sikuwahi imagine ningeenda. Nani alijua ntahifika statehouse (laughs), and I am not bragging kama msee AMEFIKA AMEFIKA(laughs)

What do you take of blogging? Does it pay?

Omenke: I can’t say if blogging has money or has no money because it depends on the interest of the person blogging and what he actually wants to achieve through it. Many people blog for different reason but almost 99% of comrades blog, just for fame and they forget that there are people, the likes of Cyprian Nyakundi who earn from it and drive expensive Germany machines.

How do you balance between blogging and school?

Omenke: I think I don’t balance the two and am not planning to balance them any soon. Remember blogging is not what took me to University (laughs). This is just a new adaptation. Most of my time am in school attending my lectures. I take it as my leisure time activity, the same way comrades play football, have sex, demonstrate etc. Ni same tu hakuna difference. Chiromo ni kubaya bro usiposoma utasomwa. Ukipata Cosmas ama Owiti owayo umuulize Chiromo ni wapi. Hata niko sure hawawezi kupea directions.Wamesahau (laughs)

What else do you do apart from blogging and being a student?

Omenke: Apart from blogging and being a student I think I am a student (laughs). Though sometimes I engage in constructive political analysis and also I am one of the powerful football commentators in one of the upcoming TV channel yenye sitasema jina.

What challenges do you often encounter in blogging?

Omenke: I think the only Challenges I have now is that everybody knows me and expect a lot from me. So kuangusha jeshi ni ngumu.Then wanafaa kujua mimi sina pesa mwenye anataka pesa atafute Komrade Isaka (laughs)

You recently declared your interest in Chiromo Governor’s position for the 2020/2021 election. Tell us more about it. What made you get interested in the position? Why Chiromo governor and not any other position?

Omenke: Why Chiromo governor and not any other position. It’s because I understand Chiromo more than I understand myself. The main reason as to why I am going to contest and win Chiromo is because I want to change the narrative. I don’t want the future Chiromites to go through what I went through. UoN being world class University there are small things that we should not mention in front of other upcoming Universities (laughs). Issues like accommodation hostel condition, missing marks, mess etc. These are small things that should not even be discussed anywhere within Nairobi County. That’s why I said Chiromo needs a politician and not a pastor (laughs)

What is the current Chiromo Governor not doing right that you want to change?

Omenke: I think that question should not be asked that way you should change it to; why is the Chiromo Governor doing nothing that you want to do everything? Currently I have not seen anything new in him ground sahi hata iko worse hata kushinda venye Collins Mboha aliacha. I think Chiromo needs a politician and not a Pastor (laughs)

Apart from being interested in Chiromo position, you are a political mind. Where do you want be politically in a few years’ time?

Omenke: I think sometimes back Hon Babu Owino was clear by saying 2022 is the year of all the youths of this wonderful country and for sure it is.No much to say but I Urge all My fans and supporters to Register in Langata Constituency and more specific NYAYO HIGH-RISE ward.

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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