Meet Dennis, a 22 year old talented graphic designer whose work will amaze you| the campus magazine

Meet Dennis, a 22 year old talented graphic designer whose work will amaze you| the campus magazine

Dennis Mariita is a 22 year old gentleman residing in Nairobi, Kenya and working with Cloud Digital Solutions as a graphic designer and also does print of large formatting and painting of engraved artworks.


I met Dennis a few days ago through some of his works that he had shared on social media and trust me the piece of art was irresistible. This young man is doing an absolutely amazing work. So, I reached out to Dennis and conducted an interview with him concerning what he does and how he does it and this is what he had to say;


So brother, introduce yourself, tell our audience who you are and what you do.

Well, thank you. I am Dennis Mariita, a 22 year old Kenyan youth residing in Nairobi. I do graphic design as my full time career and some large format printing and painting engraved artworks. Basically I am all about graphics.

When did you learn that you can design very cute graphics like what I have been looking at some minutes ago? Did it just come to you right from nowhere or is it something you’ve gone to school to study?

First of all, I must say that creativity is in born. I feel like I was born a creative. My purpose in life was to be what I am growing to become today, a creative artist. Besides that, I went to college, Talons Institute where I started graphic design to understand the basics of this course and be able to learn the rest on my own as I put the skill to practice.

And Dennis, how do you design your graphics? Do you use a paper and pencil to draw or what do you really use?

Yes I can draw using a paper and pencil but that is not what I am best at. I am a trained graphic designer who is conversant with the professional graphic design software which can actually do more than a paper and pencil can do. I am skilled in Adobe illustrator, adobe Photoshop and Corel draw which I have as my weapons for design. These are the basic tools for the pieces of art you’ve just gone through. What do you think, don’t they make awesome graphics?

I must admit the graphics are awesome. So, apart from working at Cloud Digital Solutions, is there anything else that you do to earn a living?

I work at Cloud Digital Solutions as a full time employer. I spend most of my time at my workplace but, besides just working in this shop daily, I do design for different clients different graphics according to their need. This is an out-of-office affair. Different people contact me at times requesting me to design for them some graphics. I always do this at some small price which makes my 2nd source of income.

How much do you charge a client for a single graphic?

It all depends on the complexity of what the client me to do. If his/her image is quite complicated, I charge him/her higher than another client who comes with a simple design. But again, we always settle at prices with all the clients that have approached me. Just let everyone come, I can assure them of no over-charges.

And what is the most appropriate time for you to do your graphic design? At what time can you do it so easily and without any straining?

Obviously it is after work for week days. You see I report to work very early and gets out late in the evening. So once I get to the house and ensure I have everything done, I give myself some minutes to relax then afterwards get down to business. So basically, most of my designs have been done between 9:00pm and 10:30pm. This has always been my most appropriate time.

So what are the challenges that you have faced in this graphic design industry? Or should we just say everything is alright?

No. Not at all! There is no industry in the whole world which you can say is just fine. Every industry has its own challenges and so does the graphic design industry have.

Some of the challenges I have encountered in this industry is, an artist can work on a very complex design which consumes a lot of energy and time but when it comes to paying, the client only pays peanuts. Artists are always demoralised by this trends.

Another challenge is that, you might do some design for a company and when you take it to them, they look at it and it impresses them, some companies keep a copy of your work promising to get to you. You wait and wait until you give up then boom, you see the graphics on either their adverts or posters. You cannot sue the company because they already copyrighted your work as their own.

In short, there are several challenges, not only in the design industry but also all industries at large.

In your closing remarks, what would you like to tell youths/comrades who are out there, able to design graphics but nor willing to do it?

Every youth and comrade should know that graphic design pays and pays really well when you are best at it. This trend of comrades graduating and sitting at home waiting for a job should end. Comrades and all fellow youths must wake up and put their talents into use. Talent pays.

Thanks Dennis, we are happy to have hosted you.

Part of Dennis’ work is below.

We do not own any rights to the images provided.


Dennis Mariita is situated in Nairobi Kenya and if you need someone to help you in graphic design,

call Dennis on 0707494054 or 0754901824

Send him an email:

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