Love and destiny re-union| The campus magazine

Love and destiny re-union| The campus magazine

It had been years since we last heard from each other. Today as I was walking in town, hurriedly from class to catch an early matatu before the prices would hike I saw this curvaceous, chocolate, long neck lady crossing from one side of Moi Avenue to the other heading to I guessed Bus Station. Her protruding curves were irresistible to my eyes that they prompted me to stare. I stole two quick glances which I prolonged at the third look. I guessed I had seen someone like whoever I was looking at that moment. I wanted to just forget and walk away because “hii ni Nairobi” but wait, when your attention is fully drawn to something, you will surely never get off it immediately.

I stole one last glance again to confirm if my instincts were surely not wrong but rather right and yes, the body being escorted with my eyes was a familiar one, regardless of the amount of time that had gone ever since I set my eyes on it. This was Mina, my High School girlfriend with whom we met in some school function just once and fell in love. Yes, we met just once, for the first and last time and there we were, in love. The kind of old school love that had no second chance to keep someone waiting for an answer of whether you would be theirs or not. Mina and I had tried and exchanged phone numbers but too bad, the contact information she gave me belonged to her mum and mine belonged to dad. You see it’s like there was completely no communication after we ordained ourselves lovers on this day.

Well, Mina had already crossed the road and here there was no much time to think of what my next move would be. I just diverted the direction I was headed for and followed the direction that the route she led. I quickly crossed the road so I would not lose sight of Mina, a lady that I had trusted with love at first sight now several years gone. I pushed between the human jam within the city until I got to the zebra crossing point where I quickly crossed without paying a lot of attention to the moving vehicles (thank God some of these drivers really respect all road signs)

I crossed the road and again squeezed through people as I sought my way to get to this Mina. My heart was racing hard and I was already sweating although cold the weather was. It was love re-union after years of separation. I was even swearing within me on how I would run to this girl, hold her hand, look into her eyes, tell her I still love her, pull her closer to me, hold her tight and deep kiss her as everybody stood to watch the small quick show that we would create.

I kept walking at my very high pace hoping that Mina would feel me coming and at least look back. Maybe, so, she would have spotted me and run to me-which would seem more romantic-rather than me running to her. All this were imaginations.

I had followed Mina all the way from Moi Avenue to the junction along Tom Mboya Street. She had to obey the red light traffic sign that allowed for vehicles only to move. This was my absolute opportunity to catch up with her. But how was I going to start it up? What if this lady remembered totally nothing about me? How would I explain myself in this very busy town where the only most active action is people moving up and down?

I was approaching her and, the closer I got, the more blank my word tank became. I was dumb for a moment until I got to where she stood. I clearly had no words to offer. I walked past her and turned to look at her directly on the face. She shook for a moment. She feared the young man standing before her would be one of this town crooks that have given Nairobians a very difficult time walking freely in the streets until she noticed me being familiar.

Me: Mina!

Mina: Tell me this is not a dream.

Me: This is not a dream!

Mina: Tell me you are the Chares I knew from those days.

Me: I am the Charles you knew from those days!

Mina: I was… (Pause)


This was an awkward moment. I almost slapped my cheek for being stupid. How would I repeat word by word of what Mina said? What was wrong with me?

Me: I understand Mina. I swear I miss… (I enclosed Mina in my arms)

It was such a show as we moved to our world leaving everyone around staring. Love had re-united with destiny.

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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