List of things you can do at home while under self quarantine

List of things you can do at home while under self quarantine

List of things you can do at home while under self quarantine

Self quarantine is a preventive measure that governments are advising people to take in order to prevent further spread of Corona Virus (Covid_19)

Being in isolation for some time can however be really boring. Quarantine is more into seperating you from your daily routine. So how can you overcome boredom at home during this period which we all are not sure of when it will end?

Play video games

If you are home alone and can access video games like Fifa, Need for speed Most Wanted, Motor Combat and Grand theft, this would keep you really busy. Start a premier league tournament on your Fifa 19/Fifa 20 immediately you wake and set it for 20 minutes play time per game. You will just be surprised how the day will end abruptly, sparing you boredom.

Watch movies online

A lot of household this days are connected wih free wi-fi. Several others have access to smart phones, tablets and laptops. Households without free wi-fi atleast have access to certain internet providers like Faiba, Safaricom and Airtel. Just grab the available data offers on these telecoms and enjoy free movies online. One site that I find really good in offering free online movies is CMovies.

Read a novel

This period of self quarantine is the period for reading books. You don’t need to go to a bookshop so that you can acquire a novel this days. All you need to do is connect with book readers on social media or whatsapp groups and borrow or buy soft copy books from them. You will be surprised how much rich of information you become by the time you get out of isolation.

Learn a new skill on the internet

The internet is home to everything you want to read and watch. During this isolation period, get your computer or phone and go to YouTube. There are tutorials of a lot of things you can learn. Ranging from graphic design, web design, photo editing, camera handling and settings, domain management and several other concepts.

Listen and dance to music

You would be that person who loves music but never dances in public because you havent mastered any dance moves at all. This is your time to shine. Play your favourite music and start practising simple dance moves on your own everyday. Make YouTube your friend and learn from experts. You will be perfect at the end.

Talk to friends online/social media

Being under quarantine does not mean that you go mia on friends. This is the time to bond through text and phone calls. Always remember to call on your friends and ask them how they are doing, how they are getting on with this self quarantine and gossip a bit.

There are several other things/activities you can do at home while under self quarantine. Just identify one that suits you and do it. Stay safe.

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

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