Kisii University on the spot over allegations of missing marks|

Kisii University on the spot over allegations of missing marks|

It has been a week of confusion and inculpation at Kisii University after a clip of a comrade being “insulted” by security officers went viral.


Kisii University has, in the last few days, been on the limelight after a clip of a comrade, a finalist who was awaiting his graduation went viral. The comrade had allegedly gone to inquire whether or not his name was on the graduation list only to find out that he was not listed on allegations that he had some missing marks, skipped examination. The comrade who was certain to have sat for all examinations caused a scene and commotion which forced the institution’s security officers to take action. The officers in the clip were seen mishandling the comrade carrying and dragging him towards a block that was termed as the institution’s jailhouse.


This incident elicited a roaring online reaction from comrades. Comrades; those who have already completed their studies and those that are still pursuing their studies in the institution took to social media to express their disappointment in the way one of their own was mishandled and others narrating the awful experiences they have gone through until they cleared and graduated from the institution concerning ‘missing marks’.

“This is not a criminal being beaten by watchmen like a stray dog. No, it is a student who was to graduate and sadly he has missing marks. Even after he brought records from his side, the university continued taking him circles until last day to graduation. Hell broke loose when he demanded to see the dean of students or VC. He was thrown out beaten like a stray dog by university watchmen.” A comrade who had shared the clip captioned it.

More comrades went ahead to share their thoughts after they learnt about what had transpired;

“Every comrade has the rights for fair and just marks in the exams. This student claim of his exam results should be reviewed and we ought to know where the truth lies. Haki yake apewe. Where is the board that oversees students’ welfare in this university?” A comrade wrote.

“I don’t see him being beaten, furthermore he went to shout at the office obviously security must have done their job.” Another comrade wrote.

Other comrades also expressed their dissatisfaction in how cases concerning are at the university concerning missing marks;

“Niko 4th year na sijawahi pewa my transcripts za year 1,2 and 3 na nililipa fee. What is happening?” One comrade wrote.

“I want my marks, I am not afraid of being taken to jail or court as long as I receive my transcripts and certificated even in jail. That will be my source of happiness but I am not relenting.” Another comrade wrote.

“You cannot manage a public university like you are running a ranch at home. We want and demand our marks. We want a working student portal.” A bitter comrade who also alleged that he had missing marks wrote.


One ex-comrade, the former Kisii University president who is graduating this year came online to defend and clear the air concerning the clip and all the controversy that was in it. Peter Kuria wrote an open message to the comrades claiming that the victimised comrade had suffered a mental problem which made him somehow violent, attracting security action. He went ahead to state that the comrade was not dragged to the institution’s jailhouse but the institution’s clinic where he was attended to and admitted. Peter Kuria also added that he had visited the admin and confirmed availability of the young man’s transcripts assuring angry comrades that this gentleman would graduate with a 2nd class upper division.


More comrades have again stood up to question this move, possibility and the circumstances under which an ordinary comrade can have the authority to access another comrade’s transcripts and ‘missing marks’.


Kisii University has in the last few days experienced total downtime in some of their services like a broken student’s portal and the latest missing marks ‘scandal’. Comrades have requested the institution’s administration to act before they ‘react’.


Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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