How to tell that he is into you|

How to tell that he is into you|

Does he like me? This is a question that every girl will ask herself whenever she is interested on him. It is obvious that some men will act flirty when they are around ladies. Don’t rush into conclusions that will end up messing you. Maybe that is his way of being or he is just working on his hooking tips. When a man is interested in you, he might decide to tell you or show it to you through actions. Body language for this case matters a lot. As I said, some guys have flirty personalities that end up confusing women. Flirting only is not a sign that he is into you.

If he likes you, then the way he will behave when he is around you will totally be different from the way he behaves when he is around other friends. Remember that science is not there to proof some of these things but instead, watch this.

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When a guy is interested in you,

  1. He compliments your appearance. Every man will definitely tell a girl that he likes her looks. Compliments from him means that he is paying close attention to your appearance. If he likes you, he won’t be shy to let you know.  
  2. If you happen to be seeing a guy for a while and this guy decides to strike up a conversation with you, he might be interested in you or if you are not in the same vicinity with him, he will try to reach out to you. If a guy wants your attention, he will just find anything to start up a conversation. He will talk anything with you even if it is insignificant just to win your attention. 
  3. He listens to what you say and remembers it in details. Anything that you talk to him about and you think that it is insignificant, watch it out and if he comes to remind you of it some other time, it might be a sign.
  4. He takes a deep breath when he sees you. Yes, a guy will not just be nervous around every girl he meets. 
  5. He walks beside you. Be observant when you are walking with him. If this guy is two or more steps ahead of you, he just not concerned with you. A guy who is interested in you will adjust his pace to match yours. 
  6. Eye contact. He is just looking at you when he thinks that you are not watching him. Try glancing at him and if he looks away, this might also be a sign that he is into you.
  7. He leans to you when you are talking. This simply means that he wants to hear everything that you are saying and it’s a sign that he will always be paying attention to you.
  8. If he treats you differently from the way he treats other girls say you are in a group and he seems protective to you, he might be interested in you.
  9. He will be interested in things that you are interested in.
  10. He might seem jealous when you are with other guys. This simply means that this guy is having feelings for you. 
  11. A guy who is interested in you will call you even if he has nothing important to tell you. This is  a key sign.
  12. Says “yes” to everything that you ask him to do, no matter how hard the tasks are.
  13. Asks you a lot of questions. This means that this guy wants to know more about you and even goes ahead to talk about himself with you.
  14. When he shares his personal secrets with you. A guy will not just want to disclose his secrets to anyone so if he tells you his secrets, watch him out. 
  15. Does this guy ask you for an out? No matter how many times you resist to go out with him, he is still insisting and asking you to go out with him. This is a clear sign.

Nicholas Mwololo

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