Healthy living tips 1.

Healthy living tips 1.

What would you prefer to buy at any cost but not really have to pay for it?

Do you ever ask yourself what you are to do for you to achieve what you desire? That great and fit body? Yes! That glow on your face when you follow some simple rules with dedication and you actually get it?
Do you get disturbed with stress and suddenly something gets into your mind and decide to do something to reduce stress?
Come on, resist the rhetorical questions, let’s reason together and increase our life expectancy. Or who is that ready to die young? Personally, I want to live long, young and achieve my dreams.
In most cases, you here people talk of health. You are often advised to lead health lives. Yeah, it is a good thing but what’s important? To be told to lead health lives which we sometimes are not sure about or to be guided step by step till we achieve it?
Dear friends, we need to know from scratch what we are supposed to do. Allow me to start this dream with you and we reap the fruits.
Let’s not live in a world where when one hears someone talk of health, his/her mind rushes to doctor, nurse, medication, hospital, therapy etc. Let’s also initiate something so easy that will help us realize best health status.
Personally, I need to be fit, confident and be able to enjoy life with no limitations. Who else does not need this? We have different tastes. Some of us would actually prefer that size (figure 8, figure zero) other would only be wanting to maintain our weight and be able to engage in our daily activities, some would be wanting that muscular and six pack abs. These are all our tastes and all is well if step by step we implement some routine that will definitely fulfill our desires.
Let’s make our health dream through 2 major keys:

  • Daily exercise
  • Eating right

We may be actually convincing our minds that we know this things but in real sense we need the easiest way to do this. Have been with the same thoughts for a while now and believe me, I saw no gain. I resorted to doing what I can, I found it hard to go the gym, am poor in games, I can’t run so often. So I had to come up with nice tips to do it.
Friends, we need:

  1. To strengthen our muscles
  2. To strengthen our cardiovascular system
  3. To eat a wide variety of foods with healthy levels of activity everyday
  4. To lose some weight and maintain our natural weight.
  5. To fully enjoy our lives
  6. To minimize levels of anxiety and destructive thoughts and also give life a general positive look
  7. To reduce stress levels

A life balance of mind, body, spirit, where they all work in a perfect harmony
Curiosity to learn and grow leading to being good to others.
How do we start?
This is often the most important thing. Simply, we will start with two aspects:

  • Health eating habits hence good nutrition.
  • Daily exercise(simpler ones that we are in a position to do them)

We only need to start at a point. We only need dedication and also being true to ourselves. We need to know this things in the simplest way.
We got this friends. Stay with me, we are doing this together in a defined path, step by step, tackling every issue and believe me, we have to achieve it.
For today, have left you to decide and we go for it. Are you ready? Don’t miss out and left behind.
Read the start tips from tomorrow. Welcome again.


Damacline Mwoma

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    Thank you Benjamin…Much more on the same is coming,don't be left out,be reading.

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    Uuu. I like this.. Charlie we are already healthy haha..

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    Thank you so much, it's on its way coming.

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