Former Meru University Chairman’s message to the comrades |the campus magazine

Former Meru University Chairman’s message to the comrades |the campus magazine


In the Holly name of our God, I great you in delight and modesty; good evening comrades, good evening Meru University fraternity.
A special and great gratitude I return to our Father in Heaven. The faithful Father who saw me through the brinks of difficulties , struggles and gave me a new lease of life.

Thanks to the one who instilled in me the audacity of hope during my tenure. The one who sailed me a cross the tumults of my academic journey and kept me at bay and encouraged me to fight on when my strength seemed less. Thank you my Lord!

Comrades, I had never imagined that unity and strength; devotion and dedication and an accord of Supremacy could be the definitions of you. What I cannot dismiss is the fact that a compact majority, if not all stood by my side in my line of duty and gave me prospering supports that transformed the outlook of my leadership and the heart of Meru University. Some decisions were arrived at because you jointly combined together your opinions which i listened to.

Your sound support and unremitting frenzy for a better tomorrow made me who I am today. You held me up and encouraged me when I felt weak and planted in me a seed of hope; the hope that made me the person I am today and most importantly the great people you gonna be tomorrow. Thank you very much comrades.

Comrades, it is still fresh and exuding in my heart the kind of sacrifices you took to tie together and stand strong; it was gruesome! I remember the nights and the long terrible dark days some of you spent behind bars but still you didn’t relent until change was certain; it was a pain of optimism.
Those sacrifices I cannot describe well in words but our hearts preserves the memories forever. The memories of daring and destiny hunger and hope. Thank you very much my people.

Our mighty Vice Chancellor Professor Romanus Odhiambo, congratulations for emerging the first among your equals in the contest to steer Meru University. I cannot doubt your capabilities and competence because your CV speaks an entire book of what makes a professor! You are a true meaning of mortality and munificence. Thank you Mr. VC. We look forward to seeing you transform Meru University into an envisioned Makerere.Consult widely from prof Charity since without any iota of doubt ,she knows the way . We look forward to being the alumni of a globally-recognized university and a heart of innovations.

The teaching staff, a team of highly proficient Professors and doctors; the non-teaching staff, a whole continuum of beautiful compassionate and helpful unified people, thank you very much. Thank you for the dicey support you gave me and my government. You risked your lives and jobs and joined us in vicious battle: not because you had nothing to do but because you loved Meru University. It is for that love that you stood up in one consensus and fought like warriors in a battle to reclaiming the lost glory. And behold today, the glory is here. How beautiful you are my people?? May God bless you beyond the course.

To the community, from the brave Nchiru community to the far end of Kianjai; from the unyielding Maskan community to the very extremes of our neighborhoods, you are a civilization of hope, a recipe of intrepidity and a distinct meaning of unity. Without your faithful support, we could not be who and what we are today.
My leadership could not have materialized without your backing. To those who might have shed blood during the fights, do not be afraid because you planted a seed of hope that as long as you live, that seed will grow into an adult tree, from which you will reap the fruits of your sacrifices one day.

To those whose businesses were knocked for six and those who suffered brutal actions of our scoundrel police officers, it was because of that suffering that in near future, we will together peel back the memories of our tears and torments at the foot of freedom and hope. The fond memories of the foundation of a “Makerere University.”
To the Nchuri Ncheke elders, the focus of our culture and tradition, the hawk eye to sanctions, integrity and sanctity of our culture, I bow my head in deference. Your extended hands in the course of our leadership and your engrossments in our revolutionary journey proved your sense of charisma, altruism and responsibility. The ism in you overshadowed fear, prejudice and ablespy to our grief and stood by us when we needed you the most. Thank you very much.

To my friends and mentors, my juniors and seniors and everybody else, thank you for your support too. Today marks the end of an old story and a launch of a new history. History whose story is characterized by your feisty devotions, impetuses and inspirations in my life. A story of a new me and a new Meru University.

Lastly my people, I did my last exam today . It marked the end of my first degree in this university and a new start of my destiny. I yield my campus politics and soar up the instar to national politics. This development is something I cannot entirely boast of as one of my own but I rather an achievement I made through you people.In reverence, I kindly ask for your blessings my people as I move into national politics .I ask for your prayers and support that should God deem it fit, I may succeed in the national politics. Pray for me, pray for every step and action I will take that it be a step of change and revolution that will write a new story for my future, your future and our future. And pray for Meru University.
Yesterday we struggled and worked hard in hunger and pain, in blood and sweat, in tears and sorrows. Behold today a new dawn has come. The morning dew is here and a new hope is here…….

God bless you my people.
Arrivederci, arriverderci mio gente!!

Wangila Wabomba
Former Meru University Chairman
Current KUSO Org sec


Nicholas Mwololo

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