Fikirini: Why the VC must go by all means necessary

Fikirini: Why the VC must go by all means necessary

Fikirini: Why the VC must go by all means necessary

Friends, brothers and sister. I said and repeat here that the demonstration was sponsored by the University Administration. This is something I told the Vice Chancellor on his face. The University owes KRA 9M and because of this the University accounts were frozen. The effects of this grabious act has always to the disadvantage of students. Well, let me say this that the VC has always struggled to portray a good image outside but the reality is the inside is suffering. As I say everything around this, you definitely know that I have put my life in naked contact with danger of being suspended, expelled or even assassinated. However, the desire to get things move is urgent and important than my education and comfort. So, I don’t care. The administration can continue sending police, the administration can continue hiring bloggers etc, I don’t care. I am a pig, I work best when my eyes are closed.

FEES – PUSA, RATANS and the ADMINISTRATION normally give a bursary to students. The Bursary is normally issued towards the end of the semester shortly before exams begin. Why would the administration give a one day notice in the mid semester while bursary remains in the account(s)? They would have told us to issue it before they bang us.

RETAKE POLICY – The administration has always been tactical in this policy. The VC tells us different things, the Deans and Chairs of Schools and department respectively say totally different things. Now with my government, I am fighting a policy that was signed by the previous government. That’s not withstanding, the application of the policy is not happening in other Universities. Period. Why should the alleged Commission for University Education (CUE) only bring it to Pwani University? Some of the courses like AGED & NUTRITION have no students in second year, where should those asked to repeat take their classes? Again, some courses were scrapped off, where should those students retake? It must die!!!

SEATS – Days after we got to office, we had exams. Last academic year when students were doing their examinations on their laps because there were no seats, the VC told us that the university had purchased 2000 Seats. Shortly before we opened, we had an induction in Mombasa, we raised the issue (s) of Seats, shelves and cards at the library, cutlery for mess, public address system for overcrowded classes and pulpits for lecturers… The response was were all purchased awaiting delivery. We came home, students were sitting on the floor, I raised two crisis meetings with the management to raise the issue and only 40 seats were brought from PU campus in Mombasa.

ACADEMIC TRIPS – On 16th September 2019, we were in the delegates orientation in Mombasa, the issue of academic trips was raised by one delegate and the VC said not all courses need trips. When the delegate enquired on compensation since they have been paying and are not set to go, the VC said and for the record you can confirm from any delegate or student leader who attended the induction by saying, “Huo upuzi sitaki kuskia”.

HEALTH UNIT – The Health Unit as a department normally has a budget of 4M for the whole academic year, now it was only given 600K. This is lesser than a quarter of their budget. That’s why they have been rationing, all students who have ever visited the Unit have a testimony of “there is no drugs, kanunue nje”

CCTV CAMERAS – Last semester which equally is last academic year, many students lost phones, bags and other belongings in the library, there has never been anyone who’s recovered any from the CCTV. Now after the Admin staged demo, the CCTV are opened to identify students. First tell us those who stole the phones, you have the CCTV cameras.

THE SCHOOL OF HEALTH – This is the school which is suffering the most yet they pay the highest. They know everything themselves. From lack of accreditation to shoddy attachments framework etc.

TEACHING AND NON TEACHING STAF – You won’t be told why results have had issues. The reason is lecturers have never been paid since the last academic year. That’s the reason students results brought issues because lecturers were not ready to release results before payment. Period.

As I tore this line, I am aware of all plans that the administration has on first, to pay the KRA Debt through over-fining students. I know of the conspiracy to torture me or students. I know the conspiracy to explell me (I don’t care). I know two (2) former student leaders who have been called to mobilize surrogates to support the administration in branding me as evil. One has been promised a job but in the meantime works as an informer. The second little boy has been promised to have his 2 disciplinary cases rubbed off and retakes cleared by the administration.

Lastly, I wish to tell all students that I am prepared for anything. I know sanity can’t prevail in our University until some puts their lives in the danger spot on behalf of all. I have devoted myself. I am ready. The only thing I require of you is to be prayerful, hopeful, courageous and resilient. You will definitely come back to school and continue with studies when I am gone, now before I go, plz give me time to repare this institution for you.

Yours faithfully,

Fikirini Jacobs Cde
President, PUSA.

Saturday, 19th, Oct, 2019.



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