Evolution theory is a scam, embrace religion

Evolution theory is a scam, embrace religion

Evolution theory is a scam, embrace religion

By: Kendi

Lemme broach about this prickling subject that has been causing heated debates around the world. This stuff about evolution and all that nonsense.

I’m a Christian. I believe in God. Call it blind faith or whatever but I know God is very much alive. Where do you think we came from eh? Do you really want to persuade me to believe that I originated from an APE? You even go out of your way to show me proof of scholars’ writings, the likes of Charles Darwin and all the mad men who came up with blasphemous theories.

Get this. God created us. God created the world. God created the very same apes you think we came from. Another thing, why are you so full of doubt? Why are you quick to question and contradict everything that happens in life? Are you trying to control life? What power do you have, a mere mortal like you? Do you think you’re superman, an ancient vampire or the Alpha of your ‘wolf pack’? The only Alpha I know and believe in is The Alpha and Omega, God Himself.

I think we have let ourselves be caught up in a lot of fiction and scientific discoveries that our faith in God has dwindled miserably. We tend to forget that God Himself gave us the mandate to subdue the earth because He saw us worthy to be His co-creators. So these new ideas and treasures unearthed everyday aren’t because we are superhumans or whatever, but because God Himself gives us the power to discover them. The power, knowledge and wisdom comes from Him and nobody else.

Do not be fooled, brethren. There’s also this huge subject that has brought chaos to the world. Homosexuality. I DO NOT support it at all and neither should anyone. You want to tell me that God was mad when He created man and woman to procreate? Where is it stated that people of the same sex should have intercourse and get married? This is one of the end signs. Yes, call me selfish because you think that I’m preventing people from being happy. I will never support that kind of union. The world is changing and the end signs are right before our eyes but people are ignoring them, finding terms and explanations to alleviate the true meaning behind their occurrence.

Open your eyes and see how the world is crumbling daily. Another issue is this tendency of black people to term Christianity as ‘white man’s religion’. Huh. Just because white missionaries spread Christianity during colonization doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t embrace it. Jesus instructed His disciples during His ascension to spread the gospel to the world. These missionaries were simply obeying the Most High. The Devil is very cunning, let me tell you. He will use all means and ways to lead you astray from God. He will make you question the Bible, feed negative and absurd ideas into your brain until all your thoughts are filled with evil intent. My dear brothers and sisters, read the Bible, especially the prophetic books; Daniel and the Revelation/Apocalypse. Ask God to help you to understand. Read the scriptures with faith and pray for concentration.

The end is near and few will be safe. Do not question what God does. Only He knows best. Yes, you will suffer, you will hurt, you will fall down and almost give up. But remember that this intoxicated world is not our home. Home is in Heaven, where there’s peace, love and unity, where only good resides. Do not listen to those who prod and poke around Christianity, trying to come up with foolish theories to justify their evil intents. God is mysterious, always remember that. The answers you’re so vehement on looking for aren’t here on earth, time will come when all that is hidden will be explained. Remember, the end is near. Jesus is coming soon. Judgement Day is approaching. Keep your faith and be content in God. The unknown will be revealed at its set time. Come back to God, you will suffer no more.



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