Do long distance relationships work? (the campus magazine)

Do long distance relationships work? (the campus magazine)

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Now, today I prepared something really critical and important for you. Today I want to talk about relationships. I want to address this relationship thing with some seriousness to the fullest of my knowledge. You know relationship is something that is so fragile in our society today; you mishandle it, it breaks and vice versa. Cases of separation and divorce have gone high. What could be the immediate cause of divorce? What would be the exact reason as to why relationships never last? Young relationships wither and die before they bear any single fruit. I mean people are no longer taking relationships for something serious. What would be the cause of this? Is it because of the new so called FWB (friends with benefit)? Or is it that people have just become ignorant? Is it? Are people so engaged to their personal stuff that they can’t sacrifice for their relationships? What is killing your relationship? What is making you break up with that someone you love? What is the problem with peoples’ hearts today?
Look, think of the rate at which people are divorcing, marrying, divorcing and marrying; etcetera, etcetera. It is worrying. It is really worrying. Relationships are just complicated and even more complicated. We will need more time and space to cover more about this relationship thing. For today, I want to talk about Long distance relationships.
Have you been in some long distance relationship before or are you in one now? How is it faring on or how was it when you were there?
We will collect your testimonies in the comments box right after this article.

So today I was in argument with some good friends of mine about this long distance relationship thing. I wanted to know what they thought about long distance relationships. I wanted to know if they think it works or it doesn’t. This is what each of them had to say about it;

The first guy I talked to had this to say;
“Personally, I don’t think long distance relationships work. Long distance relationships means you are not too close to each other and you know closeness is what gives life to a relationship, otherwise it will be dead and forgotten. Relationships will thrive and grow if the two are together and attached to each other. People get used to each other and love grows. So my stand remains long distance relationships never work. We fall in love with people and not the voices of people on the phone’’.

The second person I talked to had a conflicting opinion;

‘‘Either long or short distance, relationships bound to work will always work no matter what the distance between the two is. My take on relationships is that, it is hearts that love and once the hearts are connected, they will never be separated by whatever situation that may come their way. Long distance relationships will work pretty well if the duo are meant to be together. Talk about destiny. You hear of people reconciling after several years and they live really happily afterwards. It depends on how much energy and your time you inject into this relationship. Communication keeps a relationship and it can make it grow stronger. All I know is that, all relationships can work depending on the approach we all use to maintain it’’.

Some other had their opinion as follows;
“Relationships are so complicated I don’t really know what to say about this. I mean who ever understands what is in other people’s hearts? Isn’t love something from the heart they say? Can someone different tell what is in another person’s heart? I bet no. so that is how relationships work. People who are in love are they who can understand what is and they feel in their hearts.”

I tried to understand this people really well but I couldn’t figure out what the truth is about long distance relationships. So, do long distance relationships work?

Now, when I try to figure this out, I would say it seldom works. I don’t, although; tend to mean that it doesn’t work completely. In some cases long distance relationships work perfectly. According to me, I think long distance relationships are the hardest things to manage. As hard as working from home, this, earn 30-50k per week thing, an expensive joke. With long distance relationships nobody is aware of their other half is doing on the other side.

I don’t find it romantic, neither is it funny, how people miss each other so badly but distance barricades their physical convergence.
What do you think a hungry dog would do if it does not get food from the bowl it is used to eating from?
It would probably feed on food that is served in any bowl however different it may be, right? I hope you are getting my point right.
Although, I am not trying to distort trust and raise benefits of doubt among distant and heart-bound lovers. I, above, said that, distance relationships may or might not work. So the decision is yours to know where your relationship lies.
Above all, love is a beautiful thing that needs to be handled with the modesty it deserves. Let’s stop being petty and embrace love.

Thanks for reading this opinion piece.

Let us know your opinion on long distance relationships as well. Leave a comment for us and the rest of our audience in the comment box. Pass this to your friends and get to know their mind as well.
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Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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