Dear ladies, don’t be a wife to a boyfriend|

Dear ladies, don’t be a wife to a boyfriend|

So last week I got this message from a friend, telling me to write a column on relationships. I figured out I should do it. Not only because she requested me to do it, but also because I needed to branch out into something  you guys would enjoy reading. Anyway it’s April, my girlfriends birthday month, come what may, am blissing out.

Love, the strongest drug you’ll ever find. To be loved by the person you want for life is to be blessed. Love is neither a fairy tale nor an out of reach goal. I courageously concede as true that love from a lady leaves beautiful markings. Being in love is an abyss of sweetness. It fillls your sleep with elegant sweet dreams. Its effect are so profound that they can’t even be compared to the force a space shuttle blasts off with.


It’s true that relationships begin with the word “let’s give it a try” and they end with the word “let’s call it quits”.

It Burns more than wildfire when you see the person you had shared moments and moulded memories together with leave. It hurts even more thinking how they made you burn a hole in your pocket. Maybe it’s a watch that is plated with some crystal clear diamonds that you romantically displayed to her when your love for each other had confined you in a diamond bracket. Whatever it is, it just stings.

Girls should know that not all relationships bring with them joy. Some tend to exhibit pure venom, in the sense that, understanding, trust and loyalty will be crippled. This will easily pave way to a wonderful soul being bashed up in what I like to call, The anguish of non-genuine relationships. It’s evidently stupid to jump into a relationship without considering the character of the man you think of as a superhuman, with supernumerary sense of romance. I agree looks can possess some power of magnetism, but do you really want to date a guy because he has got that nose that resembles the one of Chris brown or that lip that looks like a replica to the one of Trey Songz? In my view, if a guy has this above qualities and he’s ready to put you in a shower bath of respect, loyalty and unconditional love and affection then you can start counting yourself lucky, because the rot in our boys population is so immense.

You should consider a boy with an exceptional heart, one that will love the leaving day lights out of you. One that will open doors for you and pull chairs for your willowy self. Go for a guy that will let his respect for your dignity and worth snuggle you in the most romantic way. This lot of boys will freely let their love and attention cuddle you. Be patient, and keep looking until you find one with this qualities and you’ll never go on to your WhatsApp status and paint it with the words “it’s been one hell of a struggle. I tried to give you my best, but you’ve broke my heart repeatedly. I choose to call it quits. “


The success of a relationship isn’t by chance. It should be attributed to the equivalence of both parties’ priorities. If you have matching priorities, then it’s safe to affirm that the March of time with which your relationship will be growing will be so dominant. If you are a girl who likes bobbing her head to loud music and swinging her body to the rhythms of dance floor blaring music, then don’t go for a man who doesn’t like the same. If you don’t do alcohol then there’s this man you want to date that loves downing bottles of hard liquor, not even leaving a snuggle then you should cut him off immediately. Reason being, relationships are like vehicles. You can’t embark on a love journey with them, when your destinations are so dissimilar.

If your priorities are akin, chances are thick to more than your relationship will succeed. There’s joy in dating a man who doesn’t want to just love you but to let you know you are the only one he wants. He’ll be devoted only to you and he’ll want you to know forever isn’t a word for the both of you.


Being single, for many, is plague-some. But for me, when there’s no love lost between you and your ex-boyfriend, then I would advise you to focus on your windscreen and pay no attention to your review mirror of your ex-boyfriend. Anyways, why concentrate on someone that made you fall out of love. And did he not leave a hurt on your heart?

Chin up and think of your single status as an opportunity to grow yourself. It isn’t a bag of burden, but it’s most likely a wiggle room that enables you to grow yourself spiritually and mentally. Engage in soul finding. Remember your worth, and teach yourself to love and appreciate you.


Martin Olage

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