Dear crush| The campus magazine

Dear crush| The campus magazine

Why’d you make my Heart break again💔
Am done with the games🤼‍♀
I want you to hold me down the way i do,
But you just trash my feelings🚮😔
And crash my Heart🤨,
And how i keep waiting for the replies,
Scrolling thru’ the night on previous sms’,📱
Smiling ,😌
But yet no reply either💔
So am taking these shots 🥃to get over you,
The irony of getting over something you never really had😁
But i hope i eventually say am over you🧖🏽‍♀ and mean it 😉
Cuz then, those texts i really waited for, I’ll no longer even look at ’em😂
I’d be finally out of the equation.
So dear Crush 😍don’t take me for granted.

Image: Mahi Poems

Poem by @Imisa..



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