Common mistakes Kenyan men make.

Common mistakes Kenyan men make.

Fashion and being stylish has never been men’s thing. All the same,there exists a fraction of them who really put effort to be stylish. Although fashion and style are world apart,people tend to define them as the same. Fashion depends on the latest trend whereas style is beyond how you dress and generally depends on ones taste without considering time.

Kenyan men tend to do some mistakes as they strive to be fashionable. You will at times come across a guy who has recycled a pair of socks for a week or so. Since you spend the whole day with your socks on and there is no air into your shoes,chances are,you’ll have smelly feet. You can avoid these by cleaning your one pair regularly. You can also get yourself enough pairs for a whole week so that you don’t have to recycle on pair for more than a day.

When going to the offices,men tend to wear short sleeved shirts with ties and tack them into their trousers. To make it worse,there are those who tack in their T-shirts. If you must look official,get a long sleeved shirt,which is more of official, and wear it with a tie. T-shirts and short sleeved shirts are supposed to be worn with jeans and shorts depending on your taste. The later cannot be used officially.

Swag is good,but you cannot be showing your under wears and your cleavage by sagging your trousers. Sagging was for Western prisoners who had no belts because their belts were taken away for their fear of them hanging themselves. Its generally unethical and unprofessional to have your inner gear and cleavage seen by others.

Wearing ill fitting clothes is equally wrong. Your body needs to be comfortable with the kind of clothes you wear. Tight clothes tend to disfigure or distort your body shape. Come on,you need to feel free and confident with what you are wearing. When shopping ,pay special attention to the size that is fit for you.



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