Boy child, Tisa gets backlash as he tries to wow Marie Anne|

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Another comrade is out looking for Marie Anne’s hand. It is barely two months since a comrade, one Patel Kirema took to the internet to express his feelings, through a carefully drafted, heart touching romantic message seeking for the renowned (Marie Anne) WOSWA chair’s hand. Another comrade has yet again come out to openly confess
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I have listened to feminists and male chauvinists. The conversations between these groups of people never get to conclusion. The best we ever achieve is to get each of us to hold dear the ideologies they subscribe to. I have been looking around to determine the depth of male and female chauvinism and I can
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The hit song “dundaing” by king kaka, kristoff and magix enga was recently played at an NBA game. Here is the clip  

  Since it’s introduction in september 1998, Wi-Fi has gained popularity due to it’s capability of communicating with multiple computer devices over a specific area location. Wi-Fi definition although has been incognito and clueless in the minds of many despite it’s widespread use. A research was done and it was found out that out of
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HELLO – the 8th solo single from Africa’s Rising NYASHINSKI, for your viewing and listening pleasure! #Hello. Written and Performed by: Nyashinski (@RealShinski)