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Kelvin Maina

Kelvin Maina is a second year student in Maseno pursuing medical science with IT. He's engrossed in writing articles and poems, a politician in making, human activist, philanthropist and a game changer.

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They say love is the most pure of all poisons.How true is this statement? What turns something that was so sweet to be so sour and dangerous? What makes one hate the person that they personally has maimed to love and die for? What turns that one person who used to be your best friend,
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“I am not ready to be a father! I’m not ready to settle!” but you were sweating on top of her like Lukaku in the seventy tuth minute of Arsenal – Man U game. The result is innocent ladies being condemned and classified under careless societal misfits. We walk around bragging while our kids suffer
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Isn’t everyone perturbed by the high level of sexual immorality in our universities? Don’t blame it on the students’ failure to heed to their parents’ advice not to engage in premarital sex. They would like to, but unfortunately, they can’t. Blame it on the permissive and liberal environment in our campuses. The university set up
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