Pay attention to youth matters or a revolution will catch up with you


Derrick Ouko

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Change should not be a famous but an action word. Where is the Mohammed Ali; the all time mpekuzi, the man who fearlessly used his profession to single-handedly defend the masses against ill actions by the mighty and government. What killed Ali’s courage that we all admired? What ate his ideologies and heart of service
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This week I was going through people’s Whatsapp status updates then one update really got me thinking. It was my classmate’s, and it read, “I wish all my friends good life and success. Otherwise, how will our kids get connections later in life? Be happy when your colleagues do well.” That post brought me into
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I remember how it used to be when nothing else matter but you and me. Music, country roads, and future dreams. I miss you, I wish you could see. Although you are here, I miss you and me. I remember when you said how happy I made you, and you really meant it…now, it’s just
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