An injury on one comrade is an injury to all

An injury on one comrade is an injury to all

Rapists must be crucified!

My friend was drugged and raped at club Memphis, USIU. She ran to the manager’s office to report and get help but instead was kidnapped.

According to information circulating online, a female student from The University of Nairobi was on Monday drugged and raped in a club, Memphis. The victim is said to have gone to the club on Monday night with one of her friends for cocktails and a friend of hers, Barbuh (the suspected rapist) spotted her and after catching up he requested her to walk him to his car.
“She went to Club Memphis on Monday around 11pm for cocktails with some friends. Barbuh (The rape suspect), a friend of hers spotted her and after catching up he asked if she could walk with her to his car to pick up something. On reaching the car, Barbuh took a piece of cloth with some chemical compound and forced it on her nose. She felt dizzy and was dragged to the backseat of his car.” Xtian Dela wrote through his Facebook official page.

He continued by stating that on reaching the car and after being drugged, the gentleman raped her as his friend sat comfortably at the front seat taking no immediate action. At the approach of some two guy, the victim took chance and pushed the alleged off then ran to report to the manager who, as alleged, instead offered her money to keep quiet on the matter. She was kidnapped after refusing the offer and the next time she was in her senses, she found herself in a house in Kiambu surrounded by two women. The lady rescued herself when she called her mother and asked her to track her phone which she let CID officers do and later came to her rescue. The case was reported at Kiambu police station under OB Number: OB 28/21/8/2018

The suspects were later released and the police claimed there wasn’t sufficient evidence.

We want Justice!
After a flow of all these events, University students have been angered by the move of the police to release the suspects without due diligence over the case and without taking into consideration the victim.

Comrades have taken to social media to condemn this act of the police and club Memphis management for ignorance of real facts.
“How comes a UoN lady from Lower Kabete Campus was raped and kidnapped at club Memphis, Thika Road and the club is still standing operating and even holding parties as if nothing at all happened? I hear the management of the club even had the guts to threaten the lady with dire consequences if she dared report the ordeal. AN INJURY TO ONE COMRADE IS AN INJURY TO ALL COMRADES.” Ndege Fredrick

“Mercy and peace won’t be diverted this time. Comrades have been for long time pushed to the rough walls and enough is enough.” Sam Partpey

The Kenya University female student leaders also expressed their wrath and through their Chairlady Marie Ann expressed that they are not going to relent on the matter at all.
“A time for action is calling. There is a notorious rapist who has been raping Uni students behind his modelling firm. Major cases have been reported around Memphis club.
I call upon all female University students by crying out.
I am seeking for a way we can get T-shirts and march to that club and call for its closure soon.
As we await the plan, let’s get this trending and known to the world that female students will stand by our colleagues and stop any forms of violence against women including rape.

Marie Ann also added that the rape has been happening at the Memphis club and the managers cover up.
“The rape has been happening at Memphis bar and the bar managers cover up for the rapist and even offer to bribe the victim to silence her. I have a video and I will share later.” She said.

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe

Charles Getembe is the founder and CEO of The Campus Magazine. He is a passionate writer specialized in Print Journalism from The University of Nairobi.

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    It’s sad that women are still taken advantage off.

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