The Campus magazine is a student magazine whose aim is to promote creative art and campus journalism in all campuses all over the country. The Campus magazine has so far managed to bring together different writers from different campuses from all over; these writers serve as the brand ambassadors of The Campus magazine in their respective universities.


The whole idea was inspired by the need to have a platform for university students and other upcoming writers to showcase themselves. Getembe, the founder of The Campus magazine, writes poetry. In his early days in campus, he had written volumes of poems but he couldn’t get the best platform where he would publish his poems for people to read. He heard about blogging from a friend and decided to go for it. Getembe opened a blog under his name, charlesgetembe.blogspot.com, where he published his first poem, Beautiful Malaika. The reaction from people motivated him the more and he published more and more poems.


In order to keep his readers coming back for more, Charles introduced a love stories beat to his blog where he published The campus series of love stories, a story that was written in episodes. This campus stories impressed many who kept requesting for the other episodes. The stories became very popular and the traffic on his blog increased. This was another motivation.


The Campus magazine idea came up after a consultative discussion with Nicholas Mwololo, the co-founder of The Campus magazine. The thought of coming up with something that identifies them as journalists and not just creative writers, gave birth to The Campus magazine. They then upgraded the blog and upgraded the domain name to premium (thecampusmagazine.co.ke) now http://www.thecampusmagazine.com . They also increased the number of beats in the blog from poetry and love stories to diverse ideas as evident on their website. Since then, they  have worked on the outlook of the website


 Objectives of The Campus Magazine

  1. Provide a platform for upcoming writers to showcase themselves to the public domain.
  2. Grow from an online magazine to both online and hard copy publication.
  3. Become the best of all time and most read campus magazine.
  4. Bringing together diverse writers with diverse ideas that will be of importance to our society once they are discussed and put to practice.
  5. Promote campus journalism in order to prepare upcoming journalists for the task awaiting them out there.
  6. Bring to live the fading reading and writing culture in our society today.


Our mission is to become the best of all time and most read campus magazine in East and Central Africa.