About ‘no-shave November’

About ‘no-shave November’


There are so many stories, myths mostly, that we hear about men and their beard. Oh they are itchy…Oh they harbour dirt and sweat…Oh they are not work friendly in an official environment…Oh sijui beard grows faster when you shave it off…the list goes on. And I wont disagree or agree with any of that. I have not the slightest idea about these things. But there’s this one myth that I just have to disagree with. Ati beards are unattractive? How? When? Why? Who? No! I beg. That is a lie from a pit of malicious people who are either jealous or just plain selfish with their bearded men. I strongly disagree with this. On the contrary, we love beards. That masculinity that comes with them is so crispy, and screams authority and confidence. Beards spell masculinity. Period. What else would a female want?

November is such a beautiful month. I mean, is it not just impressive (for us girls, of course) to see bearded men all over. It is that time of the year where men get a reason to embrace their facial hair. But Kenyan men (*sighs heavily), they can really amaze us if they decide to. Who will help us? We love you and all but we need to agree on some stuff about grooming. And even more importantly now that it is November and the shaving strike is on.

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First. No shave November is a nobly inspired act and not just an excuse to be careless with your appearance. It all started in 2009, in Facebook where two friends (Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl) started a Facebook fun page where they encouraged people to forgo grooming and instead donate that money they would use to cancer patients. No shave November is aimed at raising awareness about cancer (especially in men) which is mostly centered around prostate cancer. Cancer treatment as many of us may know, causes hair loss. So, by letting your hair grow wild and free you stand in solidarity with those who ail; and by donating that money, you make the dream of them recovering more achievable.

Number two. There’s a way to go about no-shave November. You don’t just jump in and out of it as you please. Here’s how: When the month starts, shave off everything and then let it grow all month through; wild as possible. While at it, let the question about your bushy look be a conversation starter about cancer awareness and the need to support those among us who need medication and any other form of assistance; be it mentally, socially, emotionally or financially. Then there’s the financial part where you are to donate the money you would have spent on grooming towards treatment of cancer patients. And for starters, no amount is too small. I could almost hear comrades defending themselves with the lame excuse that their ‘kinyozi’ money is mere peanuts.  Bring thy peanuts as they are. Alternatively, you could take some time off normal routine to visit a cancer patient. A little love always goes a long way. Then the month comes to an end and now you can shave if you want to.

Lastly, we need to agree on something dear Kenyans. There’s is a clear line between a hairy, masculine man and a dirty careless one. To be wild this November is no mistake. However, you will not be forgiven if you walk around dirty and extremely untidy; all in the name of it being ‘no-shave November’. Nope! Not a chance. No one stops you from taking a decent bath, combing your afro, or maintaining it whichever way you find best. Also, no one will take you to court for smelling good and wearing clean clothes. Matter of fact, if anything, it will earn you a few more stares from the ladies. Thank me later gentlemen.

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    Well written. Enjoyable. Bravo

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